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CheckMag | Top 5 mind-blowing free iOS games in 2023

Game on! 2023's top 5 mind-blowing iOS games that are absolutely free! (Source: Unsplash)
Game on! 2023's top 5 mind-blowing iOS games that are absolutely free! (Source: Unsplash)
If you own an iPhone running the iOS operating system with its many outstanding features, then the following games are perfect choices for you. This guide is tailored to introduce you to some of the best free games for iOS, offering the most satisfying gaming experiences on the iPhone.

1. PUBG Mobile - A top survival shooter game for iOS in 2023

 PUBG Mobile is one of the most anticipated free iOS games of 2023. It is suitable for a wide range of ages and genders, offering high entertainment value. PUBG Mobile recreates a survival scenario, delivering a realistic 3D experience with meticulous graphics. The game vividly represents the sound of gunfire and character movement, making it engaging for players.

The match begins by dropping your game character from a plane. You will land in a chosen location on the map. After landing, you must find weapons, clothes, and other equipment to fight and eliminate enemies, aiming to be the last survivor and win.

Besides survival shooting, Pubg Mobile creatively allows characters to move freely, exploring new lands. The game features diverse vehicles and equipment, catering to the curiosity and adventurous spirit of gamers. To enjoy graphics-intensive games like Pubg Mobile to the fullest, a recent iPhone (check out the iPhone 15 on Amazon) can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Download PUBG Mobile on the App Store.

2. Shadowgun Legends - A sci-fi shooter with stunning graphics on iOS

Another exciting free iOS game is Shadowgun Legends. This action, sci-fi game is perfect for gamers who want to showcase their virtual strength through in-game characters.

Set in the year 2380 in a tumultuous galaxy, players take on the role of brave warriors with invincible abilities, battling against extraterrestrial creatures and other enemies.

The game is built on the modern Unity Engine platform, offering sharp, 3D graphics. Players have access to hundreds of different weapons and armors to choose from. Additionally, you can join groups of friends to fight against large enemy forces and embark on thrilling rescue missions.

Download Shadowgun Legends on the App Store.

3. Minecraft - An open-world action role-playing game for iOS

Minecraft is an open-world action role-playing game that has gained a lot of popularity among young people. The game currently has three modes: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative.

The game features role-playing gameplay with a focus on building, along with elements of survival. When you enter the game, you will need to collect materials such as wood, stone, food to build anything you want. Your goal in the game is to construct a base to survive the attacks of monsters.

Download Minecraft on the App Store

4. Alto’s odyssey - A popular endless game for iOS

Alto’s Odyssey is a notable free iOS game with diverse gameplay. It impresses with beautifully designed daybreak and mystical, enchanting night scenes.

The game offers both familiar and fresh experiences, where players navigate obstacles on the terrain, aiming to score high points.

Download Alto’s Odyssey on the App Store

5. Monument Valley - A must-try free game for iOS

The final game in our top 5 is Monument Valley. This game has a small footprint, almost like a mini-game, but is intricately designed. The game's graphics are charming, primarily geometric, forming a maze where players, as a princess, seek forgiveness. Each level involves returning geometric shapes until the end of the game, offering liberation.

The game is ideal for those who enjoy exploration and storylines, leaving players with many meaningful thoughts as each story unfolds, adding to the game's excitement.

Download Monument Valley on the App Store


Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

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