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The Nokia 8.3 5G is outdated and some people will love it for this very reason

The Nokia 8.3 5G looks good, but it's not quite up to date in many areas. This could even be an advantage.
The Nokia 8.3 5G looks good, but it's not quite up to date in many areas. This could even be an advantage.
Latest display technology? Extremely fast memory? Wi-Fi 6? The Nokia 8.3 5G doesn't have any of that, and the manufacturer is even charging quite a lot of money for it. Why might it still be interesting for some users?
Florian Schmitt (translated by Stephanie Chamberlain), 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 ...

If you spend seven months in a Sleeping Beauty slumber, you might not miss much at all. In the fast-moving smartphone industry, on the other hand, this is half an eternity, in which many innovations pass you by.

So it's not surprising that the Nokia 8.3 5G, which was introduced in March 2020 but was only launched until October, isn't up to date in many areas: Although the manufacturer charges at least 600 Euros (~$700) for the smartphone, you get neither modern Wi-Fi 6 nor a display with a high refresh rate; the cameras are rather mediocre, and in addition, there are also manufacturing flaws that we detected in our test. The smartphone is also quite heavy.

So whom should one recommend such a phone to? Sure, the design is really classy, the positioning is accurate, and the battery life is also convincing. The SoC doesn't throttle under load, the smartphone hardly warms up, and the Nokia 8.3 is 5G capable as well. But we need to make this clear: There are better options in this price range.

And yet the Nokia 8.3 5G could still find its fanbase. This is due to the inclusion of a microSD card reader, which is an unusual feature in this price range. The smartphone also comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack, something that has been eliminated from many high-end devices by now. And a physical fingerprint scanner is now also rarely found on smartphones above 500 Euros (~$583). And the IPS display is beneficial for users troubled by PWM.

So if you appreciate these features and want pure Android and a 5G smartphone, you can read more about the device in our extensive Nokia 8.3 5G review.

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Florian Schmitt
Editor of the original article: Florian Schmitt - Managing Editor Mobile - 926 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2009
I initially wrote about gaming laptops when I joined Notebookcheck in 2009. I was then involved with the setup of the comparison portal Notebookinfo and worked with social media concepts for large companies like BMW and Adidas, while also returning to work for Notebookcheck in 2012. Nowadays, I focus on smartphones, tablets, and future technologies. Since 2018 I have been Managing Editor for mobile device reviews, working alongside my colleague Daniel Schmidt.
contact me via: @FloSchmi26, LinkedIn, Xing
Stephanie Chamberlain
Translator: Stephanie Chamberlain - Translator - 516 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2020
I've been fascinated with technology ever since I got my very first Android smartphone, which was quite a while ago. The power packed into such a small footprint still amazes me. Learning to program made my understanding of technology deeper, and at the same time, it expanded my interest to the area of desktop computers and laptops. All this led me to enjoy reading and watching reviews of new devices, and that's how I stumbled upon Notebookcheck. I immediately found their reviews to be very comprehensive, and luckily, I've even had the chance of translating them since 2019. When it comes to the huge field of technology, I'm currently also interested in specializing in Java programming.
contact me via: LinkedIn
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Florian Schmitt, 2020-11- 1 (Update: 2020-10-30)