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Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP


Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP
Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP (ThinkPad L380 Series)
Intel Core i5-8250U 4 x 1.6 - 3.4 GHz, Kaby Lake Refresh
Graphics adapter
8 GB 
13.30 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 166 PPI
256 GB SSD
4 USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1, 1 HDMI, Card Reader: undefined
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5/), Bluetooth 4.2
height x width x depth (in mm): 19 x 322 x 224 ( = 0.75 x 12.68 x 8.82 in)
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Additional features
Keyboard Light: yes
1.5 kg ( = 52.91 oz / 3.31 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)



Reviews for the Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP

Ultraportátil profesional: Lenovo Thinkpad L380 [20M50013SP]
Source: Putoinformatico Spanish ES→EN version
Positive: Compact size; high mobility; decent hardware; nice display.
Single Review, online available, Short, Date: 06/13/2018



Many people still love this line of Lenovo's business laptops, because there is a new contender on the market! The Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP is a new and versatile notebook aimed at business users. Most ThinkPads on the market are generally feature-packed with a low price point; these notebooks are also famous for their durability and long-term use. The new Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP is quite similar to most of the previous and existing ThinkPads on the market. Even though this ultra-portable notebook is only 13.3" in size, it does not look or feel as though it is thinner or lighter than the other models in this particular series. Perhaps it is due to the plastic chassis that was reinforced with fibreglass to provide better rigidity to the casing. The display is a 13.3" FHD anti-glare IPS panel with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. Measuring 322 x 224.2 x 18.8 mm, this mobile computer only weighs about 1.46 kg. Under the hood, the Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP comes equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8250U processor, an Intel UHD 620 graphics card, a generous 8 GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD for storage.  The combination of this hardware lineup will allow users to perform RAM-demanding jobs such as professional video and photo editing. It is also possible to upgrade the RAM to a maximum of 32 GB.

As for connectivity, the Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP has an adequate number of ports to keep the user busy. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the laptop does not only come with one but two USB-3.0 Type-C ports. Some manufacturers do not even include one, let alone two of these fast-charging ports. It is also possible to charge the notebook with one of these Type-C ports. Other than that, the laptop also has two USB-3.0 Type-A ports, one HDMI output, one 4-in-1 microSD-card reader, one Gigabit Ethernet port, a dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 combo adapter, and one audio and microphone combo jack. The chiclet-style keyboard on the Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP provides users with a comfortable typing experience, an essential feature that most business users will appreciate. There is also an option for a backlit keyboard. Like all ThinkPads, this laptop comes with the typical red TrackPoint. As for the built-in speakers, while the quality of the sound is average, the volume is too low. Those who frequently participate in video conferencing may need external speakers or headphones to complement the experience. Another strength of the laptop is the battery life, as it boasts up to 12 hours of light use. It is also worth mentioning that the Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP is certified against the MIL-STD 810G specifications, which means that it can survive drops and harsh environments. Combined with its long-lasting battery life, the Lenovo Thinkpad L380-20M50013SP can undoubtedly provide business users with the productivity they need.  

Hands-on article by Jagadisa Rajarathnam

Intel UHD Graphics 620: Integrated GPU (GT2, 24 EUs) found on some Kaby-Lake-Refresh CPU models (15 W ULV series). Technically identical to the previous Kaby-Lake GPU called HD Graphics 620.

Modern games should be playable with these graphics cards at low settings and resolutions. Casual gamers may be happy with these cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

i5-8250U: Kaby-Lake-Refresh based low power quad-core processor. The four cores are clocked between 1.6 and 3.4 GHz (Turbo Boost) and support HyperThreading. The integrated GPU is clocked between 300 and 1,100 MHz. The SoC is manufactured in a 14nm+ FinFET process. » Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.


There are hardly any tablets in this display size range anymore. For subnotebooks, on the other hand, it is the standard format.

The advantage of subnotebooks is that the entire laptop can be small and therefore easily portable. The smaller display also has the advantage of requiring less power, which further improves battery life and thus mobility. The disadvantage is that reading texts is more strenuous on the eyes. High resolutions are more likely to be found in standard laptops.

» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

Lenovo: Lenovo ("Le" from English legend, novo (Latin) for new) was founded in 1984 as a Chinese computer trading company. As of 2004, the company was the largest laptop manufacturer in China and, after acquiring IBM's PC division in 2005, the fourth largest in the world. In addition to desktops and notebooks, the company manufactures monitors, projectors, servers, etc, and specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing consumer electronics, personal computers, software, enterprise solutions and related services.

In 2016, the company ranked first in the world in computer sales. It still held it in 2023 with about 23% global market share. Important product lines are Thinkpad, Legion and Ideapad.

In 2011, it acquired a majority stake in Medion AG, a European computer hardware manufacturer. In 2014, Motorola Mobility was purchased, which gave Lenovo a boost in the smartphone market.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.


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