CES 2011: Nvidia launch GeForce GT 500M serie and GTX 485M GPU

Not only AMD present a new lineup on the CES in Las Vegas, also Nvidia refresh their graphics range. It includes a complete lineup of the GT 500M mid-range GPUs and the GTX 485M high-end graphics card.

In China, laptops with GT 540M graphics are already available for a while. Now, the rest of the world may come to know it, too: Surprise! Nvidia launches the new GT 500M graphics series.

What's new is that is based on the GT119 chip (410M, 520M), which should have some advantages compared to the 400M series. It brings more power and above all new features for consumers. Now, the whole lineup supports DirectX 11, PhysX, and CUDA. The graphics cards can be equipped with up to 1.5GB video memory, either in form of DDR3 or GDDR5 modules.

Detailed information about the GT 540M is, e.g., available in our review of the Asus N53SV notebook with Intel Sandy Bridge CPU and Geforce GT 540M graphics card. Our comparison of laptop graphics cards and the special GPU articles linked in the following table inform about the other graphics cards.

Without attracting a great deal of attention Nvidia also present their new high-end graphics solution, the Geforce GTX 485M and successor of the GTX 480M 'Fermi'. However, it is based on a completely different architecture (fully-fledged GT104 chip) and is rather related to the GTX 470M. A comprehensive review of the GTX 485M is available here at

Name Process Pipelines Core Shader Memory Bandwidth DirectX
Geforce GT 555M 40nm 144 590 MHz 1180 MHz 900 MHz 192bit DX11
Geforce GT 550M 40nm 96 740 MHz 1480 MHz 900 MHz 128bit DX11
Geforce GT 540M 40nm 96 672 MHz 1344 MHz up to 900 MHz 128bit DX11
Geforce GT 525M 40nm 96 600 MHz 1200 MHz 900 MHz 128bit DX11
Geforce GT 520M 40nm 48 740 MHz 1480 MHz 800 MHz 64bit DX11
Geforce GTX 485M 40nm 384 575 1150 1500 256bit DX11
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J. Simon Leitner, 2011-01- 5 (Update: 2012-05-26)