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Archos 9 tablet getting internal upgrades

The 2-year old Windows 7 tablet will be receiving a 2011 update, all for $430 at launch

The relatively mature Archos 9 tablet is getting an internal reboot with upgraded hardware, soon available for sale at the official Archos website.

The update will include a faster 1.2GHz Atom Z515 processor and a 32GB SSD. The previous model was equipped with a 1.1GHz Atom and a 60GB HDD. While total storage has been reduced, the benefits of the SSD over the HDD definitely outweigh the lost in gigabytes, especially for a portable device such as a tablet. Otherwise, all other specs remain the same, including the 1GB RAM, 8.9-inch resistive screen, 1024x600 resolution, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The decision to keep the resistive screen could be off-putting to some, as the capactive type screens are more common in mobile devices nowadays.

It is speculated that the hardware upgrade for the Archos 9 is due increased competition in the tablet market. The update could mean that Archos will still be supporting its 2-year old Archos 9 tablet, even into 2011, where Android heavyweight devices are just beginning to release en masse.

Labeled as one of the first Window 7-enabled tablet, the original Archos 9 was released in late 2009. While the 2011 model has not received a launch date, expect it to sell for $430 at launch.


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Allen Ngo, 2011-05- 7 (Update: 2012-05-26)