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CheckMag | Top 4 EV prototypes and car concepts at CES 2024: Featuring Honda, Mercedes, and more

Top 4 EV prototypes and car concepts at CES 2024 (Source: Mercedes)
Top 4 EV prototypes and car concepts at CES 2024 (Source: Mercedes)
CES 2024 once again established itself as the year's most significant showcase for both tech advancements and automotive innovations. Below are the top 4 EV car concepts from the event, showcasing revolutionary motion technologies and the rising impact of AI in vehicle design.

1. Honda '0 Series' concept EVs

After a four-year absence from CES, Honda made a significant comeback with the unveiling of its new EV lineup named the "0 Series". The lineup features two innovative concept vehicles: the Saloon, a sleek sedan, and the Space-Hub, a unique blend of an SUV and a living room. These concept EVs are set to transition into production models by 2026, promising to bring a new era of electric vehicles to the market.

Toshihiro Mibe, Honda's Global CEO, articulated a clear shift in the company's approach to EV design. Moving away from the prevalent trend of bulky electric cars, Honda aims to adopt a "thin, light and wise" philosophy. This lightweight battery design not only makes the vehicles eligible for tax credits but also boasts impressive durability, with less than 10% range loss after a decade of use. While the initial models in 2026 won't have it, Honda plans to introduce a rapid charging feature that could replenish the battery in just 10 to 15 minutes, although this technology is expected to be integrated later.

While details on the range and performance of these EVs are currently speculative, both the Saloon and the Space-Hub are expected to feature advanced driver assist systems and high levels of autonomous driving capabilities. 

2. Mullen Five RS - 1,000 horsepower

During CES 2024, California-based EV manufacturer Mullen showcased what can only be described as an extraordinarily bold and extreme electric SUV. The vehicle's performance is remarkable, with 1,000 horsepower, acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under two seconds, and a top speed exceeding 200 mph.

Mullen has equipped this SUV with a dual-speed transmission and an advanced 800V electrical system, enhancing its charging efficiency. Moreover, it promises over 300 miles of range in real-world conditions. The vehicle doesn't skimp on luxury either, featuring race-inspired Brembo brakes, bucket seats and a dynamic design.

Adding to its modern features, the SUV includes a vast dual-screen infotainment system, reportedly complete with a built-in voice assistant, aligning with the demands of modern EV enthusiasts.

The Five RS model is expected to hit the European market in 2025, followed by its launch in the United States in 2027. The pricing is set to start at a staggering $295,000 in the US, with equivalent prices in other currencies for different regions.

3. Hyundai Mobis – Movement in all directions

Hyundai Mobis, an automotive supplier distinct from but related to Hyundai, made a notable appearance at CES with its innovative "eCorner System". This system allows each wheel to turn independently, potentially revolutionizing various driving maneuvers like parallel parking and performing donuts. Vice President Lee Young-kook of Hyundai Mobis' Electrification Lab explains that their "In-Wheel technology" involves placing motors inside each wheel, enabling independent power generation for each wheel, a departure from traditional EVs' single large motor.

The showcased Mobion concept car, based on the Hyundai Ioniq 5, demonstrated the capabilities of this technology. The car can 'crab-walk' by rotating all four wheels 90-degrees for sideways movement, ideal for challenging parking situations. The absence of axles due to the wheel motors allows for exceptional mobility, including diagonal movement, back-and-forth motions, and even 360-degree rotations around the car's center axis.

The Mobion is also equipped with advanced technology for autonomous operation, supported by Lidar, radar, and high-definition cameras. This tech suite enables most movements to be performed autonomously. Moreover, the car uses exterior projection lighting to communicate safety information during these operations.

4. Mercedes concept CLA Class Entry-Level EV

The Mercedes Concept CLA Class, first announced in September 2023, made a notable North American appearance at this year's CES. This upcoming entry-level EV boasts an impressive 466-mile range and a rapid charging capability of adding 248 miles in just 15 minutes. While Mercedes has yet to confirm pricing, speculation suggests a potential starting price around $40,000, positioning it as a strong rival to the Tesla Model 3, especially with its more luxurious interior.

Mercedes also revealed enhancements to its in-car technology at CES, focusing on the integration of more advanced AI into its MBUX Voice Assistant. This upgrade promises natural language interactions and is equipped with four emotional profiles, enhancing user experience. The system is designed to learn driver preferences, enabling it to automatically adjust settings like air conditioning, news channels, or seat massagers based on routines and conditions.

Additionally, Mercedes continues to emphasize large in-car screens. Highlighting this was the debut of an immersive musical experience developed in collaboration with The company also announced expanded entertainment options through partnerships with Amazon and Audible, bringing a wider array of subscription-based games, movies, and podcasts to its vehicles.

For those seeking a comprehensive guide to navigate the premier tech event of the year, The Ultimate CES 2024 Handbook: AI Revolution, available for purchase on Amazon, is an essential resource.


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