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MSI 12th gen Intel H-Series Laptops: Perfect combination of brain and brawn for gaming and content creation excellence

Meta to the power of 12. MSI has always been at the forefront of lapping up new technology for the benefit of gamers and content creators on the move, and this year it's no different. Powered by the latest Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-H processors and new Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPUs, MSI's Meta-ready laptops are well-poised to unleash excellence not only in the real world but in the metaverse as well. (Sponsored article.)


Computing paradigms are on the cusp of a major change. Factors such as always-on connectivity and communication, which have hitherto been afterthoughts in mobile devices, have now become paramount. So is the need to have unhindered power and portability on the move. Gamers are always on the lookout for more frames and higher visual fidelity while content creators constantly yearn to save that one extra second in their projects from start to finish.

To cater to those who aspire to use nothing but the very best in terms of technology and aesthetics, MSI's 2022 portfolio of gaming and content creator laptops are here, featuring the latest hardware advancements coupled with a keen eye for design and detail that truly makes you stand apart from the crowd. 

MSI Gameverse: Your ticket to the metaverse and beyond

Even as users look for solutions that can accommodate their ever-increasing need for more computing power, musings of the "metaverse" are increasingly gaining ground among tech circles and users alike. While the metaverse concept is not exactly new, it is only now that we can think of realizing its true potential thanks to advances in CPU and GPU processing power.

MSI has always been the frontrunner in recognizing and adapting to changing technology trends. MSI gaming and content creator laptops powered by the latest 12th gen Intel Alder Lake-H processors and flagship Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti graphics are "meta-ready" to give you immersive and engaging augmented and virtual reality experiences.

MSI 12th Gen Intel H-series lineup

MSI has an exciting lineup of gaming and content creator laptops for 2022. Get uncompromised gaming performance without the added heft with the MSI Stealth GS77 or go full steam ahead with the flagship Raider GE Series. 

The MSI Vector GP Series is designed to cater to gamers who prefer a subtle chassis with class-leading performance. For creatives who need unbridled performance with the flexibility of multiple input options, the MSI Creator Z16P and Creator Z17 offer all that is needed to bring imagination to life.

Technologies that elevate your computing experience

MSI has always endeavored to go the extra mile to maximize the potential of the hardware. This year, MSI is debuting several innovations that help you work and play longer without having to worry about performance penalties. 

Vapor chamber cooler

Whether it is about completing your high-res Premiere Pro renders on time, applying complex Neural Filters in Photoshop, or working on mission-critical projects in ISV apps, content creation workflows need a robust cooling system that can enable the CPU and GPU to work to their full potential without throttling.

Keeping this cruciality in mind, MSI has equipped the Creator Z16P with a vapor chamber cooler. This new cooler offers a 76% greater cooling area and enables a 65% additional airflow compared to conventional heatpipes.

The result is a laptop that can offer up to a whopping 70% higher performance than the previous generation while being up to 2 °C cooler on the surface.

MSI Center

MSI Center is your one-stop shop for controlling all aspects of your MSI laptop, be it the exquisite Mystic Light RGB effects or fine-grained CPU and GPU tuning. The new upgraded MSI Center brings innovative features such Smart Auto AI and Ambient Noise AI.

Smart Auto AI intelligently manages usage scenarios without user intervention, and, depending on the load, the Ambient Silent AI feature can detect ambient noise and adjust fan speeds and performance accordingly. So, worries about reduced performance at lower fan speeds are now a thing of the past.

MSI 2022 gaming and content creator flagships: Laptops with no equal

The advancements in CPU and GPU technology that were announced at CES 2022 by Intel and Nvidia could not have come at a better time. MSI has lapped up the best of Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-H and the new Nvidia Ampere RTX 3080 Ti flagship Laptop GPU to create designs that truly stand apart both in terms of technology and aesthetics.

MSI's set of innovations in cooling, firmware, and software control ensure that you are able to eke out the maximum possible performance from such powerful hardware.

MSI Stealth GS77

The MSI Stealth GS Series has always been the benchmark of what can be achieved with a lightweight chassis. This year's Stealth GS77 comes in a new core black color that is understated yet exudes luxury, making the Stealth GS77 great for both LAN parties and the board room.

 A zinc-alloy hinge provides twice the durability and allows the Stealth GS77 to sit straight without wobbling.

Powering the Stealth GS77 is an Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-H processor up to the Core i9 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 series graphics up to the RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU.

The laptop also offers superior input devices, including a touchpad that is now 50% larger for easy navigation and 8% larger keycaps for a precise and comfortable typing experience.

The MSI Stealth GS77 appeals to professionals who game as well with features such as a physical camera switch that instantly turns off the webcam for added privacy. 

As part of MSI's early bird offer that runs from February 1 to April 15, 2022, the first buyers of the MSI Stealth GS77 will get a US$50 code that can be redeemed against any purchase on Steam.

MSI Creator Z16P and Creator Z17

The MSI Creator Z16P and Creator Z17 are purpose-built for creators, inquisitive professionals, and those who enjoy premium products. With many creator workflows and ISVs apps becoming increasingly GPU-dependent, the MSI Creator Z Series offers Nvidia Studio-certified designs to help you unleash your full creative potential.

Powering the new Creator Z16P and Creator Z17 are Intel Alder Lake-H processors with the new hybrid architecture. This offers a good mix of performance and efficiency cores on an Intel 7 process, so you can have all the power needed to churn through demanding workloads while also conserving energy for everyday light tasks. 

Content creation and ISV apps are becoming increasingly GPU-dependent. The MSI Creator Z16P and Creator Z17 offer the latest Nvidia Ampere graphics options up to the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti that support Nvidia Studio drivers for peak performance in all creative workflows.

Such a powerful CPU and GPU combination makes the Creator Z16P and Creator Z17 fully capable of driving high fidelity AR and VR experiences, making them fully ready for the metaverse.

The Creator Z17 is the world's first 17-inch laptop that supports pen input. The 16:10 True Color display offers an excellent viewing experience together with 100% DCI-P3 coverage and a high color accuracy with Delta E<2.

The Creator Z16P is equipped with a vapor chamber cooling system that offers a 76% greater cooling area for a 65% increased airflow and reduced surface temperatures by 2 °C. 

MSI 2022 gaming laptops: Battle-ready, no matter the competition

MSI has been leading innovations in the gaming laptop niche for a long time, and this winning streak continues into 2022 as well. A good testament to this fact is that both Intel and Nvidia have chosen MSI laptops to showcase their latest technologies. MSI's 2022 gaming portfolio caters to gamers across all budgets from the Crosshair GL, which is now available in an exclusive Rainbow Six Extraction Edition, to the Vector GP Series and the flagship Raider GE Series.

What's more, early bird buyers of MSI 12th gen gaming laptops between February 1 and April 15, 2022 also stand to get a code worth US$50 that can be redeemed against any purchase on Steam.

MSI Raider GE Series

The 2022 Raider GE Series offers up to an Intel 12th gen Core i9 Alder Lake-H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 options up to the RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU that offers up to a 15% performance improvement compared to the RTX 3080 with a TGP of 220 W.

Raider GE SKUs with the Intel Core i9 Alder Lake-H processor use MSI Overboost technology. Combined with Cooler Boost 5, this allows the Raider GE76 to unleash 220 W of unhindered power from the 12th gen Core i7 and Core i9 CPU and the RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU. This ensures all your games run at their maximum speed, at the highest quality settings, and without bottlenecks.

The MSI Raider GE Series has always been what other gaming laptops aspire to be. In fact, the 11th Gen Raider GE76 was mentioned in Apple's 2021 Autumn launch event as well. During the 2021 Autumn Apple MacBook launch, Apple compared the performance of its latest M1 Max MacBook Pro with that of the Raider GE76 11UH.

PC World also reported, “Apple actually admits that its very best MacBook Pro 16 is slower than the Raider GE76 in the comparison”.

The Raider GE76's ability to offer such unprecedented performance levels is also the reason why MSI's partners such as Intel and Nvidia chose this laptop for showcasing their innovations. While demonstrating the improvements in mobile gaming, Intel chose the MSI Raider GE76 in both 11th gen and 12th gen variants to show up to a 28% performance improvement with the latest generation processors.

Check out NotebookCheck's detailed review of the Raider GE76 for more in-depth information.

MSI Vector GP Series

Designed for gamers who desire the perfect combination of power and portability, the Vector GP series offers minimalist core black aesthetics and the latest in CPU and GPU innovations from Intel and Nvidia.

The Vector GP Series offers CPU options up to the Intel 12th gen Alder Lake-H Core i9 while the GPU can be configured with up to a 125 W RTX 3080 Laptop GPU. You get the latest Wi-Fi 6E connectivity and 2.5G LAN for excellent networking performance whether you are in the middle of an intense competition or binge-watching your favorite series online. Also on offer is a SteelSeries RGB keyboard with per-key RGB lighting that offers near-infinite customization of RGB lighting and macros via the SteelSeries Engine 3 software.

MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition

Designed in collaboration with Ubisoft, the MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition is designed to draw you into the Rainbow Six REACT universe. Starting from the back of the metallic lid to the shadow blue and safety yellow-colored keyboard deck and appropriate key backlighting, the Crosshair 15 GL Series creates the perfect ambience for the ultimate immersion and gameplay.

Powering the MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition is an Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake-H processor up to the Core i9 that offers 14 cores and up to a 20% performance boost from the previous generation.

Ensuring that such power is cooled efficiently is MSI's Cooler Boost 5 system. The Cooler Boost 5 in the MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition offers two fans and six heatpipes covering the CPU and the GPU. The heatpipes are now 33% thinner but allow for 15% increased airflow resulting in core temperature reductions by up to 2 °C. This means a more sustained peak performance giving you the ultimate combat edge.

The MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition comes with even more goodies, much to the delight of Rainbow Six fans. Every purchase also entails a bundle pack that contains the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition game, a themed gaming mouse and mouse pad, and an exclusive themed color packing box.


As one of the frontrunners in embracing new technology to deliver delightful experiences, MSI has now made available several innovative laptop designs to cater to the burgeoning needs of today's gamers and content creators. This year, MSI is also taking the leap into the metaverse with meta-ready laptops that offer surreal AR and VR experiences with gaming laptops such as the MSI Stealth GS77 and MSI Raider GE76 or content creator models like the vapor chamber cooling-enabled Creator Z16P.

The MSI Center app not only provides an intuitive interface to manage your MSI laptop but now also comes with AI smarts such as Smart Auto AI and Ambient Noise AI that automatically learn and provide you with a noise-free computing experience without performance penalties, all without requiring any user intervention.

Laptops such as the MSI Stealth GS77 and the MSI Creator Z16P/Creator Z17 powered by Intel Alder Lake-H CPUs and Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPUs redefine what can be achieved in a thin and light chassis. The Creator Z17 is also the world's first 17-inch laptop capable of pen input.

MSI has been hard at work to push the capabilities of the hardware. Perhaps, this is why both Intel and Nvidia have chosen to use MSI laptops to showcase their latest offerings. The flagship Raider GE Series has been the featured device in Intel's presentations as it enables extracting the maximum performance from the chip with up to 210 W of unbridled power. 

Those who desire a unique combination of aesthetics, portability, and power will find the Vector GP Series to be just right. Be it gaming or productivity, the Vector GP Series excels with top-notch hardware and excellent Wi-Fi 6E and 2.5G LAN networking to keep you connected at all times.

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction Edition is the latest hot title in the popular multiplayer franchise. MSI has collaborated with Ubisoft to create the MSI Crosshair 15 GL Series Rainbow Six Extraction Edition — an innovative concept themed around the game to give you unprecedented levels of immersion and unhindered gaming performance. Plus, there are several goodies in store for Rainbow Six fans as well!

Whether you are a casual or competitive gamer, or a budding or professional content creator, MSI has you covered once again with an extensive portfolio of offerings. MSI's 2022 gaming and content creation offerings are in perfect alignment with the company's vision of creating extraordinary experiences by combining cutting-edge innovation with striking aesthetics.

Powered by MSI | Made for Gamers and Creators
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