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ClimateCase keeps your phone fully functional even in extreme temperatures

Ever had your phone give that annoying warning that comes with overheating? Sure, you have. The folks over at ClimateCase have designed something that keeps your phone functional even when in extreme atmospheric temperature conditions.

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It's something we all can relate to. You go on a sightseeing tour of the Sahara with your trusted camel and new smartphone. You probably should bring a real camera along; those catuses—cacti?—aren't going to take pictures of themselves, after all. But no, you paid $800 for this new phone and it's about time it did some of the heavy lifting around.

A couple of shots in and you get this.

Your phone needs to cool down before you can use it!

Darn it.

That's a bit outlandish, I suppose, but the endgame remains the same: smartphones are prone to succumbing to the effects of atmospheric conditions. From minor inconveniences like shutting apps or even the phone itself down, to more troubling ones like damage to internal parts, there are a ton of issues that come with using your phone in extreme—or even unrecommended—temperatures.

The people over at ClimateCase claim to have found a solution to that. Their product, aptly named "ClimateCase", is said to be able to protect your device from extreme temperatures.

“Prolonged exposure to harsh temperatures can permanently damage smartphones and its internal battery,” said Lisa Lambert, CEO of the company. “With the ClimateCase, there is no need to take the risk.”

ClimateCase, effectively a pouch, uses a multi-layered neoprene insulation that provides thermal protection for smartphones. It's also impact-resistant, which means your device is less likely to earn a shattered screen if you use one.

I have a couple of gripes with this product, though, as while it sounds like an incredibly useful accessory on the surface, a few things hold it back from being a must-use. 

Most important is the fact that it needs an external factor to be of any utility. To use the ClimateCase as anything other than a glorified TPU case, you'll need a microwave and a refrigerator. I have no idea of the working principles behind it but you'll need to slot the case into either a refrigerator or microwave before you take it out for use, depending on whether you're trying to keep your phone warm or cool. This isn't a one-time thing, either, as you'll have to do this anytime you plan on using the ClimateCase. Sounds tedious, really.

There's also the issue of ClimateCase being a pouch. This means you can't actually use it while making active use of your phone, with usage being restricted to listening to music via earphones and/or charging. The portrait I painted of your phone overheating while taking pictures in the Sahara? This doesn't help much with that.

ClimateCase, at the moment, has a number of limitations that can be improved upon, but it makes no pretenses at being something it isn't. For all of those limitations, it does a good job of keeping your phone fully functional under certain conditions.

You can grab a ClimateCase on eBay, Amazon, or a Walmart close to you for the sum of $34.99. Not a bad deal for that price.


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Ricci Rox, 2017-07-23 (Update: 2017-07-24)