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Apple most desirable brand in China

A survey shows that Apple may have a great future with the Chinese people as 21 percent of respondents in the survey say they prefer the Mac PC as the next system they purchase

A recent survey found out that Apple in China are may see a substantial growth in its line Mac line on Computers. The survey has also reported that the company is most desirable PC brand in the country with 21 percent of respondents considering a MacBook as their next PC purchase.

According to the survey by AlphaWise from investment bank Morgan Stanley, a significant gap exists between the numbers of customers who currently own a Mac from those who are considering one for their next purchase. Only 5 percent of the consumers own a Mac PC. The survey was carried out with the help of 1,533 Chinese consumers across 16 cities this summer.

If the 21 percent of the consumer makes it to the Mac computers, then this would push Apple to the second position in the Markets of China. That is only after China’s own Lenovo. This was all for the share of the notebook market, but in case of desktop computers only 1 percent owns them and only 9 percent of the consumers might take it as their next purchase.

Apple however seems to be dominating the tablet market in China with around 65 percent of market Share with its iPad. In future it is expected to be raised further to 68 percent. Chinese consumers also rated Apple as the most desirable PC brand, followed by Asus, Sony and Lenovo.

With all these good reports for the company, but there is also an obstacle for the company that is the affordability of the consumers. As about 7 percent of the respondents are willing to pay about $1100 for their next PC, but the average price generally paid in China is $700 which low as compared to the prices in the US.

The survey also showed that consumers are ready to pay 6 percent more on their next PC and even half of them planning to upgrade to a new machine in the next two years. Apple might be looking forward with this new survey, and even earlier China became Apple’s second largest market last quarter with a record sale of $4.5 billion. The company’s revenue collection has grown from $3 billion in the last year to $15 billion for this fiscal year. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-11-12 (Update: 2012-05-26)