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iPad is the fastest growing gaming platform, says EA

Apple iPad is the fastest growing gaming platform as far as EA is concerned

Electronic Arts, one of the largest video game marketers in the world, reveals that the iPad has become the fastest growing gaming platform for them – as reported by The Next Web. EA CEO John Riccitiello revealed this info to the Industry Gamers and says it did not even existed 18 months ago. He says that the console technology might have reached zenith already and there could be very little chance of innovation now. He even points out that the upcoming Wii U, launching early next year, only competes with the PlayStation 3′s graphical capabilities.

Instead the gaming trend has been shifting to the social media space and possibly in near future more and more people will like to be connected and play games with their friends and family. This is where John says platforms like that of the iPad come in. These platforms have social media features heavily built-in, unlike the consoles that would allow the players to play games with their dear ones – removing geographic restrictions in the process.

Having said that, we can’t deny the share of PC as a platform, and even now more graphics heavy games are being developed for PCs than for consoles. Although iPad and other mobile platforms are becoming increasingly popular – they are still for casual gamers and not for those who wants their games to be heavy-duty.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-07-28 (Update: 2012-05-26)