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iPad 2 light leakage could be due to flawed LG panels

Digitimes report indicates that faulty LG displays were the reason behind the iPad 2’s light “bleeding” problems

Apple’s iPad 2 tablet sold in tremendous numbers upon its launch, but was unfortunately not free from faults. The company’s support forums were filled with claims of the device experiencing light leakage from underneath the bezel and the “bleeding” was especially visible against black backgrounds.  Although Apple never did give an official response, thanks to a report by Digitimes the culprit may have been uncovered.

According to the Digitimes report, LG was forced to reduce their shipments of iPad displays after light leakage problems occurred on panels produced by the company’s 6G production lines. Thankfully, Samsung was ready to take on the slack after LG’s troubles and managed to pump out “a total of four million 9.7-inch panels for iPads in the first quarter”. However, the report also mentions that LG has been able to fix the problem and will resume shipments to Apple in the second quarter.

Unfortunately, Apple has yet to confirm any of these reports and we’re left wondering if there is even a fix in store. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem as if Cupertino was affected by the obstacle, as the report also states that global shipments of tablets will top 60 Million in 2011, and 35-40 Million of those will be accounted for by iPads.


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-05- 8 (Update: 2012-05-26)