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CES 2012 | Video: Razer Blade gaming notebook

The upcoming 17-inch Blade notebook to ship with Core i7, Nvidia GT 555M, 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD all packed in a thin chassis

U.S.-based company Razer has always had some of the sleekest peripherals this side of gaming and the upcoming Blade is proving to be the most impressive offering yet.

Here at CES, Razer was nice enough to give us a brief intro on just what makes their upcoming gaming notebook so special. Essentially, the Blade will excel where other gaming notebooks have faltered – portability. Instead of being a hulking, sometimes unattractive 3-inch thick notebook, the Razer will have a much thinner form factor that even non-gamers may fall in love with. This is accomplished all the while preserving the high-end guts and connectivity options one would expect from a gaming laptop.

So, what exactly lies under the hood? The notebook will be equipped with a Core i7 Intel CPU, likely Sandy Bridge, and a GeForce GT 555M GPU with 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. The unique feature here is the “Switchblade” UI that shares noticeable space with the keyboard. Besides doubling as a trackpad, users can use the multi-touch built-in screen for a host of customizable shortcut functions, such as for launching applications, playing YouTube videos or bringing up an onscreen numpad.

The Razer Blade will be shipping this January 31st to the United States for $2799. Check out our small gallery below for a closer look. 

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Allen Ngo, 2012-01-14 (Update: 2021-05-18)