Samsung SM961 MZVPW256 m.2 PCI-e

The Samsung SM961 MZVPW256 is a M.2 22x80 SSD with a rated capacity of 256 GB. It relies on the modern PCIe 3.0 x4 (NVMe 1.2) interface for data transfer. The drive is based on 2-bit MLC memory paired with Samsung's very own Polaris controller.


The rated sequential read and write rates are at 3100 and 1400 MB/s, respectively. The drive managed to hit the latter (not the former though) in our independent testing with CrystalDiskMark 3. Clearly, the performance is good enough for any activities including content creation and gaming.

Notebookcheck says:

... ... its performance was phenomenal - Aorus X7 v7 Laptop Review | August 2017

... While 256 GB is plenty for an Ultrabook, it can be considered the bare minimum for a gaming machine - Asus GX501VS Laptop Review | August 2017

Power consumption

The drive can consume as much as 5.9 W according to Samsung which is in line with the generally high consumption of most NVMe SSDs.

Additional information

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Sizem.2 2280
Capacity256 GB


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Klaus Hinum (Update: 2019-10-10)