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Samsung Galaxy A51: Another success?

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has what it takes to succeed.
The Samsung Galaxy A51 has what it takes to succeed.
One of the most successful Samsung smartphones last year was the Galaxy A50. We tested its successor and tried to find out whether the good results are likely to continue.
Florian Schmitt (translated by Katherine Bodner), 🇩🇪

Samsung was very successful in its "renovation" of the mid-range smartphone - particularly the Galaxy A50 and the Galaxy A40, the devices in the middle price segment between $250 and $350 did very well. The successor of the Galaxy A50 is now ready to take over and has expanded on its predecessor's qualities.  

We made the following observations in our review, which promise another success for the Galaxy A51:

  • Although some might not consider a hole in the display to be the ideal solution for the front camera, at least the Galaxy A51 makes this choice look good. The same can be said for the entire design, which glistens in the light thanks to its pearl effect. The smartphone looks slim and is comfortable to hold.
  • The cameras of the Galaxy A51 take very good photos. The device is now equipped with an additional macro lens on the back and the main camera has been given a higher resolution compared to last year.
  • The Galaxy A51 supports more LTE frequencies, which makes it easier to use the smartphone for mobile internet while abroad.
  • The storage solution continues to be very good for this price range.
  • The speaker is decent and the device continues to remain fairly cool.
  • Samsung's OneUI is a modern and good-looking software interface.

Most importantly, however, the Samsung Galaxy A51 has hardly any real issues. Of course, some other smartphones might have a longer battery life or more performance, but at least the Galaxy A51 offers a decent, reliable balance which makes these limitations acceptable.

It is very probable that the Galaxy A51 will be another success for Samsung, although some potential buyers might be put off by some small aspects, such as the large amount of pre-installed software (bloatware). If you already own a Galaxy A50 and are happy with it, you can relax. The changes aren't so big that they would require an immediate upgrade.

You can read a more detailed account of our test results and what we liked and disliked about the new Galaxy A51 in our detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy A51.

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Florian Schmitt
Editor of the original article: Florian Schmitt - Managing Editor Mobile - 926 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2009
I initially wrote about gaming laptops when I joined Notebookcheck in 2009. I was then involved with the setup of the comparison portal Notebookinfo and worked with social media concepts for large companies like BMW and Adidas, while also returning to work for Notebookcheck in 2012. Nowadays, I focus on smartphones, tablets, and future technologies. Since 2018 I have been Managing Editor for mobile device reviews, working alongside my colleague Daniel Schmidt.
contact me via: @FloSchmi26, LinkedIn, Xing
Katherine Bodner
Translator: Katherine Bodner - Translator - 285 articles published on Notebookcheck since 2017
I completed my master's degree in translation at the University of Vienna a few years ago and have been working as a translator for English, German and French ever since. I first started translating for Notebookcheck in 2017 and have learned more about computers than I ever imagined, and I have even become the person my family turns to for advice when it comes to consumer electronics. Other than that I also focus on everything connected to sustainability and renewable energy.
contact me via: LinkedIn
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Florian Schmitt, 2020-01-16 (Update: 2020-01-14)