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Razer gaming tablet in the making

Razer the Gaming accessories manufacturers, now to release a gaming tablet at the CES 2012 shows a video teaser on YouTube


Tablets these days have become really very popular. They are now becoming a basic need for many people. They are used in many different personals for different reason. Some even use these devices for gaming.

Gaming on these devices is really attracting a lot of gamers including some traditional ones. Might be for this reason Razer the Gaming accessories manufacturing company has now decided to join the race of tablets.

Razer is all set to announce their gaming tablet at the Consumers Electronic Show 2012, which is to be held in Las Vegas, US. They also have released a video on YouTube which says the PC gaming is not dead. In this video they have showed glimpses of three games namely, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, H.AW.X 2 and FireFall.

Last year at CES 2011, a switchblade gaming tablet concept was shown by Razer, which was eventually teamed up with Intel to add an Atom processor to power the gaming tablet. This design of the tablet was only a concept design tablet; however, the company has not mentioned anything about the design of this latest gaming tablet.

Rumors say Razer’s gaming tablet is dubbed as Project Fiona. However, there is not much evidence of being so except for the name Fiona, which is one of the playable characters from a free-to-play game Vindictus developed by Korean developers, popularly known as devout.

The teaser video focuses mainly on the text – PC Gaming on an all new form factor and also on the fact that this product is expected to be shown on 10 January 2012, at CES. Although nothing much of the specifications is known about the tablet however we may presume it will be a 3G as well as Wi-Fi connected. As the concept design Switchblade had it too.

This will also help with the Cloud based OnLive Gaming which has already shown the potential of tablet gaming by releasing its application for Apple iOS and Google Android platform based tablets. Although not much PC games are made available on it but soon we may find other games in the Cloud. 



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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-01- 6 (Update: 2012-05-26)