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OnLive reveals tablet gaming controller and app

The cloud-based gaming service will soon be fully compatible with almost all iOS and Android tablets

The cloud gaming platform OnLive has been available in the U.S. for about a year now, but has only recently launched in the U.K. The company, however, has been working on an OnLive game controller designed to wireless connect to tablets via low-latency Bluetooth, allowing OnLive games to function on virtually any device capable of running the OnLive Player app.

In an interview with, OnLive VP of Games and Media John Spinale revealed additional details on the project:

It’s the one thing that we thought was missing; a console gaming experience on a tablet. You can play games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution with touch, which is sort of mind bending. But you relies that some of those games are great with touch, and some of them don’t do particular well.

Indeed, most if not all modern console and PC games are best played with joysticks and physical buttons, something that GameStop will have to attempt to incorporate into its own lineup of tablets.

As a gamer, it makes me happy that I can take my tablet and my controller, stick them in my bag, and take all my games with me,” added Spinale. Assuming a stable and decent wireless internet connection, the user should be able to play their favorite third party games everywhere they go with hopefully minimal lag times.

The old OnLive app for Android and iOS devices only allowed the user to view gameplay from other users in real-time. Once the new updated app is released, users can finally play those same games they have been viewing with a compatible OnLive controller. So if you've been itching for some Crysis on your tablet wherever you go, the OnLive service will soon make that a reality.


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Allen Ngo, 2011-09-26 (Update: 2012-05-26)