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Motorola Xyboard with LTE hits FCC

8-inch and 10-inch DROID tablets are almost set for a U.S. launch under the Verizon network

The next major tablet from Motorola is almost ready for prime time and it may be dropping the “Xoom” moniker when it finally releases.

The recently confirmed 8-inch DROID Xyboard tablet has made an appearance at the FCC along with its larger 10-inch sibling. Both tablets are expected to don the Verizon logo and be compatible with its LTE network. Interestingly, Engadget notes that at least one tablet will be both CDMA and GSM compatible, but the latter will be locked and disabled upon launch. This may be a hint of an upcoming AT&T model in the near future for those in the U.S.

The appearance of both tablets at the FCC suggests a simultaneous launch under Verizon. The two devices will also reportedly share the same innards, including a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, front-and-rear cameras and a screen protected with Gorilla Glass.

Verizon yesterday also confirmed the Xyboard name as part of its DROID lineup. The “Xoom 2” name will not be used, at least for this particular launch for the network. The move was likely done in order to associate the upcoming tablets with the more popular DROID branding rather than the comparatively modest Xoom branding.

A specific launch date in the U.S. for the DROID tablets have yet to be announced.


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Allen Ngo, 2011-12- 3 (Update: 2012-05-26)