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Jya Fjord Pro smart air purifier in review: Clean air for home and office

As an intelligent air purifier, the Jya Fjord Pro offers not only a high cleaning performance, but also a lot of information about the indoor air and its quality. Via app and on the small touch screen of the TÜV-certified air purifier, the air pollution including pollen load can be monitored in addition to temperature and humidity.

The Jya Fjord Pro has already won several design awards, such as the reddot Award. TÜV-Reinland issued the Jya Fjord Pro the world's first Allergy Care Certificate for air purifiers. Thus, the air purifier is not only visually, but also functionally well done. The device can pull up to 550 m³ of air per hour through the large three-stage filter. Even fine dust particles of the fine fraction (PM2.5) are captured and bound. An activated carbon filter also neutralizes bad odors and binds harmful substances.

Control via app is convenient and provides a lot of information at the same time. For hay fever sufferers, the Jya Fjord Pro not only delivers pollen-free air, but also provides information about pollen counts in the room thanks to its sensors. Basic settings can also be called up via the built-in touchscreen, and the Jya Fjord Pro can also be switched on and off hands-free using various voice assistants.


The majority of the surfaces on the Jya Fjord Pro are made of painted plastic, interspersed with dark gray plastic. Nevertheless, the air purifier has an appealing and equally unobtrusive casing. When turned off, the vanes close the air opening on the top. The small screen can then optionally display nothing or temperature and humidity. Four fixed casters are hidden in the base of the device, with which the nevertheless quite heavy air purifier can be pushed from place to place at least reasonably well.

Despite the excessive use of plastic, the case feels upscale and sturdy. Since everything fits perfectly, covers can be easily removed to check the filter's degree of contamination, for example.

Technical data

Jya Fjord Pro filter
Jya Fjord Pro filter

The smart air purifier from Jya draws air through a large, three-layer filter from both front and back. The first mesh removes coarser dust particles from the air. Behind this is a HEPA filter, which removes most of the fine dust from the room air. Finally, there is a layer of activated charcoal fabric. This absorbs volatile organic components, thus removing unpleasant odors. The cleaned air is expelled through the large opening on the top. The air can be deflected at an angle of 30°, 60° or 90° via motorized vanes.

Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier
Air purification capacity CADR 550 m³/h
TVOC CADR 250 m³/h
Filter type Jya NanoGuard Technology proprietary filter replaceable
Sensors Temperature, Humidity, Particle Detector (Laser), TVOC Gas Sensor
Interface Round OLED touch screen, indicator light, smartphone app
Dimensions 310 mm x 300 mm x 716 mm
Weight 10.3 kg
Maximum power consumption according to nameplate 65 W
Maximum noise level according to manufacturer 64 dB(A)

Setup and control

The Jya Fjord Pro arrives fully assembled. Before the device can go into operation, first remove the protective foil from the filter. When setting up the device, make sure that there is enough space for the air inlets in front of and behind the device. The basic functions and operating modes can already be set without an app, and information about the air quality and filter status can be retrieved. Three different strengths for the fan and three different angles of attack for the air outlet can be called up. The three blower strengths are named Favorite, Automatic and Sleep mode.

More information can be accessed and more precise settings can be set via the Smartmi Link app (available for Android from version 8.0 and iOS from version 10.0). You have to register first for this. In particular, the fan strength can be adjusted to the room size in the Favorite setting. The specifications here range from 7-12 m² to 39-66 m². There is also more information about the measured air quality here. In the app, the progressions of fine dust particle density and TVOC value can be viewed. The TVOC value indicates how many volatile organic compounds are contained in the indoor air. These components provide perceptible odors, but can also trigger non-specific states of discomfort. In addition to the sleep mode, a timer can also ensure a good night's rest. This can also be set via the app. Several on and off times can be set here per weekday.

Using smart home assistants such as Google Home, Apple Home Kit, SmartMi-Link and Alexa, the Jya Fjord can be switched on or off. More functions are unfortunately not yet integrated into the individual smarthome assistants.

Main menu Smart Mi Link App
Main menu Smart Mi Link App
Course of detected highly volatile carbon compounds
Course of detected highly volatile carbon compounds
Course fine dust pollution
General settings
Adjustable timer

The air purifier in operation

For several weeks, the Jya Fjord Pro was in our 65 m² apartment. The air purifier ran in automatic mode from 8 am to 8 pm. It quickly became apparent that the air quality in our apartment was consistently good. Thus, the fan was only really active in the rarest of cases and ran most of the time at the lowest level. Nevertheless, a significantly reduced odor level in the apartment was appreciated. As soon as one of the air quality sensors kicked in, the fan quickly revved up and brought the values back to a low level. Of particular interest here is the observation that it was enough for someone to walk by with a cigarette in front of the open window to activate the Jya Fjord Pro's sensors. Within a very short time the fan switched to full power and removed the annoying cigarette smoke. Even when cooking or baking, such significant jumps in activity are noticeable.

Coarser dust is also effectively removed from the room air. After just one week, noticeable dust deposits are visible on the surface of the large filter. These should be removed regularly with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Ultimately, the installed filter lasts around one year according to the manufacturer. A replacement filter costs around 80 Euros (~$86). The status of the filter can be called up in the app and on the display at any time. Thanks to an NFC chip in the filter, the Jya Fjord Pro can recognize when a new filter has been inserted.

Half cleaned filter
Half cleaned filter

The Jya Fjord Pro is only perceptibly loud from about half power. Below that, the Voltcraft SL-10 sound level meter cannot make a successful measurement (the measurement range starts at about 30 dB(A)), and subjectively, this is hardly audible either. At full fan speed, the volume measured from one meter (~3 feet) away of 62 dB(A) undercuts the manufacturer's specifications.

Since the display brightness and confirmation sounds can be adjusted, the air filter is also well suited for bedrooms. As soon as it runs in night mode, hardly anything can be seen or heard from the big silver box.

For allergy sufferers to pollen and house dust, the Jya Fjord Pro should be interesting not only because of its filtering properties. Thanks to the air quality sensor located on the back, the air purifier can also provide information about allergen levels. As soon as increased amounts of fine dust are detected, the pollen indicator on the small display changes from green to red. Subjectively, a significant decrease in pollen is noticeable as soon as the air purifier filters the room air.

Display with indication for pollen and fine dust load
Display with indication for pollen and fine dust load

Energy consumption

The air purifier requires up to 68 watts of electrical power in operation at the highest level. When idle, the Voltcraft SEM 6000 measures a energy consumption of around 0.9 watts with the screen turned on. The energy consumption of the Jya Fjord Pro depends on the fan strength setting. Thus, the measured consumption in sleep mode is 4.6 watts on average. With the fan strength set to medium (for 23 to 40 m²), the average value of energy consumption is 14.8 watts.

In our test, the energy consumption determined over several days averaged 3.0 watts. By means of a timer, 12.5 operating hours and 11.5 standby hours were set daily. Thus, expect the Jya Fjord Pro to increase your power consumption by around 72 Wh or 0.072 kWh per day.

Energy measurement Jya Fjord Pro at different settings
Energy measurement Jya Fjord Pro at different settings


The Jya Fjord Pro provided for testing purposes by: Jya
The Jya Fjord Pro provided for testing purposes by: Jya

The Jya Fjord Pro's main task is to purify the air, and it does an excellent job. The measured values, which can be retrieved via the SmartMi-Link app, are also interesting. The progressions of the individual loads provide interesting information about the air quality and its course over time. In terms of volume, the air purifier is usually at a comfortable level. At least in a domestic environment, the Jya Fjord Pro does its job quietly without any problems. The SmartMi app for controlling the air purifier is functional and clear. Depending on the smart home assistant, however, the setup is unfortunately a bit cumbersome; paired with the voice control's limited range of functions, there is hardly any added value of the voice control function.

In summary, the Jya Fjord Pro is thus an interesting purchase that could definitely provide a higher level of living comfort, especially for allergy sufferers and people who are sensitive to air quality.

Note: In addition to the cost of electricity for the operation of the device, there is also the cost of regular replacement of the filter. In our case, the filter life of the Jya Fjord Pro is estimated at almost a year. At the time of our research, the Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifier filter was selling for 79 Euros (~$85) including shipping from the manufacturer. This puts the annual maintenance cost of the filter at a similar level to competitors' filters. A new set of filters for Förnuftig from Ikea costs 35 Euros (~$38), but also only lasts about 6 months according to the manufacturer.

Prices and availability

The Jya Fjord Pro is available from 499 Euros (~$534) on the manufacturer's website. Shipping is free of charge and comes from an EU warehouse. Thus, import duties are omitted. The Jya Fjord is available for 399 Euros (~$427). The slightly smaller air purifier is also TÜV-certified and can also kill bacteria and viruses thanks to UV sterilization.

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