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Intel reveals 4 new Celeron CPUs for mobile platforms

The single-core Celeron 867, B815 and dual-core 797 and B720 should be available starting this week from $70 up to $134

Although Intel’s Ivy Bridge chipsets are right around the corner, the chipmaker continues to release Sandy Bridge cores, at least from the lower-end of the spectrum.

In Intel’s latest PDF of recommended processor prices, the list reveals seven new CPUs under Intel’s belt, four of which are aimed at budget notebooks. These four processors in question are all of the Celeron family and based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. Called the 867 and 797, B815 and B720, the latter two will actually be marketed as desktop CPUs as well, at least according to Electronista. Of these four chips, two are ULV (867 and 797) with 17W TDP, or almost half of the B815 and B270 cores.

While every core will be produced in a 32nm fabrication process, only the B815 and 867 are dual-core CPUs as the B270 and 797 are only single cores. This is reflected by their price points as well, since the 867, 797, B815 and B720 are expected to retail for $134, $107, $86 and $70, respectively. Regardless, all cores should carry integrated HD 2000 Graphics.

In general, these Celeron CPUs should offer superior performance to Intel’s own Atom lineup at the cost of possibly lower battery life. Shipments of the new Celeron processors could ship as soon as this February.


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Allen Ngo, 2012-01-31 (Update: 2012-05-26)