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Eleglide Coozy review: Fast e-scooter with air tires and a good range

Heavy but powerful. It is not surprising that e-scooters are fashionable right now. They are significantly more affordable than e-bikes and get the rider to their destination without having to contribute their own muscle power. In the case of the Eleglide Coozy, this can even be at a distance of 40-50 kilometers (~25-31 miles). We tested the e-scooter extensively.

Equipped with 10-inch air tires, a powerful 350-Watt motor, and a battery with a capacity of 450 watthours, with which the manufacturer promises a range of up to 55 kilometers (~34 miles), the Eleglide Coozy electric scooter belongs to the upper midrange of e-scooters. The price point is around 600 Euros (~$582), but depending on the rebate, you can even get it significantly cheaper at times. At the time of writing this article, the Eleglide Coozy is available at the European Geekmaxi online vendor for only 534.99 Euros (~$519) with coupon code "5pApMwkD".

Thanks to its extensive equipment (disc brakes, front and rear lights) and basic technical performance specifications, the electric scooter can be used in many European countries, including also Austria. Unfortunately, the necessary operational permit is still missing for Germany.

Technical Data

Eleglide Coozy
Battery 36 V; 12.5 Ah (corresponds to about 450 Wh); 42 Volt (charging at 100-240 V, 2 A)
Drive Rear wheel drive with brushless 350-Watt motor (36 V, 210 rpm, 22 Nm); max 15% incline
Max speed 25 km/h (~16 mph); three speed levels 10 km/h, 15 km/h, 25 km/h (~6, 9, 16 mph); Push mode at 6 km/h (~4 mph)
Range 50-55 km (~31-34 miles)
Charger 42 V 2 A, corresponds to 84 Watt, charging time around 7 h
Load 120 kg (~265 lb)
Dimensions 113 x 54 x 121 cm (~44 x 21 x 48 in)
Tires 10 x 2.25-inch air tires
Brakes mechanical disc brakes (rear) + electronic brake/E-ABS (rear)
Weight 18.7 kg (~41.2 lb)
Lights/Safety LED lights in front and back, left and right turn signals, break light (flashing); E-ABS; IPX4 (protection from splashes)
Other characteristics mechanical suspension in front, foldable, rubberized foot board (width: 19 cm, ~7.5 in), no CE certificate
Website Eleglide

Unboxing and Assembly - Eleglide Coozy is ready to go within a few minutes

After you have lugged the heavy, unwieldy, 23-kg (~51 lb) box home, the most difficult part is already done. To our surprise, the scooter is already almost completely preassembled, and you only have to screw on the handlebar. This is done with 4 hex screws using the Allen wrench, which is included in the box for your convenience. Unfortunately, the wrench is slightly too small, and a larger wrench makes the assembly much easier. The tires are already inflated - even at a relatively high pressure of 45-50 PSI. On one hand, this is great, since you can immediately hop on the Eleglide Coozy, but on the other hand, this is already a first indication of its optimization for range over comfort.
In addition to the charging cable, there is also an operation manual. It is fairly easy to understand and translated into 6 languages (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Polish). 


In the state of delivery, the battery is already almost completely charged (80-100%). Unfortunately, this also gives some cause for concern: as in most scooters, it is built-in and cannot be removed. If there is no outlet in your garage, for example, and you have to carry the scooter to its charging place, the scooter's weight can make this quite difficult.

What is supposed to help with that is its folding mechanism. Folding it is extremely easy: open the locking latch on the handlebar, fold it down, and fasten the handlebar using the plastic latch called "ring" on the rear mudguard. Folded up in this way, the scooter can be carried like a suitcase, assuming you have the strength to lift it: A weight of around 19 kilograms (~42 lb) can be quite heavy to carry up several flight of stairs. In folded state, the scooter fits into a trunk but can also take up a lot of space, depending on your car type.

Construction, Equipment, and Operation - Heavy scooter, easy handling

Our test unit is made from a mix of aluminum and plastic, with black and gray color tones dominating, since there are no color accents. The visual impression is good overall, just like the apparent stability, but this is mostly a result of its high weight. Looking at the details, we can then find some smaller visual blemishes such as some unclean glue spots on the rubber cover of the foot board, the side cover of the frame in the area of the rear wheel, or the charging port. Nonetheless, due to the solid overall impression, you definitely trust the device with its maximum payload of 120 kg (~265 lb).

As already mentioned, at almost 19 kg (~42 lb), the Eleglide Coozy is relatively heavy, but it is also one of the larger representatives of its kind in terms of its dimensions. However, the large, 10 x 2.25-inch air tires, the length of 113 cm (~44 in), the wide 54 cm (21 in) handlebar, and the 19 x 47 cm (~7.5 x 18.5 inch) footboard also have their advantages, allowing for a comfortable parallel stance on the scooter.

The center of the handlebar houses an integrated display with a universal button. This turns the e-scooter on and off, changes between the 4 riding modes, and activates the front and rear lights. The turn signal is triggered using a separate switch near the left handle. The display will show the selected riding mode, speed, total number of kilometers ridden, and approximate battery level in form of 5 bars (full or flashing) that each show 20% of battery level (or 10% of remaining capacity in case of a flashing bar).

Lights - The e-scooter comes with turn signals

The e-scooter is equipped with a full light system. This includes an LED headlight in front, an LED rear light that is also a brake light with a reflector, two orange reflectors on the sides, and two turn signals at the end of the left and right handle. This ensures good visibility of the scooter in traffic, although we would have liked the turn signals to be even more noticeable. In addition, there is a danger of your hands hiding the turn signals, preventing the traffic from behind from seeing them. 

App - Many additional functions with a connected smartphone

For additional information and control options, there is also an app (for Android and iOS, but not in the official app stores). You have to download the .apk via QR code (see operating manual) directly, and you also might have to deactivate some security restrictions in your phone to install this. After the installation, you can setup the app and connect it to the scooter via Bluetooth. In our test, the pairing succeeded within a few seconds.

The app shows some expanded information compared to the display on the scooter: the total amount of kilometers ridden up to one decimal, the distance of the current trip, the exact battery level percentage, and the current temperature. So far so good, but some of the displayed values turned out somewhat questionable in our test. For example, when it showed 50% of battery capacity remaining at the start, the level dropped to around 40% after a few minutes. Or the temperature displayed 25 degrees (Celsius), while the actual temperature outside was only 19 degrees. Since the temperature level increased to more than 30 degrees after several minutes of riding, we assume that this is an internal sensor that might show the battery temperature, for example.
In addition, you can turn the light on or off, switch between the riding modes, and make the scooter beep via a "Search" button to make it easier to find. You can also lock the scooter via the app, preventing the motor from being activated and causing it to also emit a quiet beep when it is moved. However, this won't really prevent the scooter from being stolen. To do that, you'd need a loud siren instead of the quiet beeping.

You can also increase the maximum speed up to 50 km/h (~31 mph) in the settings (more on this later) or activate a direct start without first having to kick with your foot to get the scooter going.

If you want to look at this information while riding the scooter, we recommend a smartphone holder. However, to install that might be quite difficult, since there is hardly any space for it on the handlebar (see picture above).

Riding Performance and Comfort - The Coozy e-scooter is not for off-road riding

You start the scooter with a kick - unless you have deactivated this option in the app. The wide footboard ensures a relaxed leg position, thankfully also during longer rides. As for the riding comfort itself, judging from the data on paper (large air tires and front suspension), we would have expected more. The rider gets shaken thoroughly already on an average, badly paved road, and you should ride carefully and slowly across even low steps of a few centimeters to avoid being thrown off the scooter. The blame for this appears to lie in the hard tires that are inflated to a high pressure already in the state of delivery. Of course, the comfort could be increased by having lower pressure in the tires, but this will also bring a reduction of the range. 
Subjectively, the additional suspension of the front wheel doesn't seem to contribute much to the increase of the riding comfort. And despite the generous tire size, a dirt or gravel road also isn't the optimal terrain for the scooter. In this state, the Eleglide Cozy only feels comfortable on even, paved roads that are in very good shape. The minimum turning radius (when pushing) is a large 1.7 m (~5.6 ft), which makes it hard to turn the scooter in narrow surroundings, particularly when pushing it.

The Eleglide Coozy offers three riding modes: Eco (max. 10 km/h, ~6 mph), Drive (max. 15 km/h, ~9 mph), and Sports (max. 25 km/h, ~16 mph). In addition, the electric scooter also offers a Push mode at 6 km/h (~4 mph), which is supposed to help you when having to push the scooter up a hill, for example. After an initial phase of carefully familiarizing yourself with it, you will probably prefer to ride the scooter in the Sports mode, and assuming the corresponding road conditions, the scooter can handle speeds of up to 25 km/h (~16 mph) quite well, even when ridden by beginners.

If you keep a constant speed for a period of about 5 seconds - which can be quite a challenge using the thumb throttle on the right handle (unless it is the top speed of your selected mode) - you will hear a beep that signals activation of the cruise mode. At that point, you can let go of the throttle, and the scooter will keep its speed as constant as possible, until you activate the brake. This can be a great relief, particularly during longer routes.


Acceleration and Braking

According to the data sheet, the hub motor built into the rear wheel offers a performance of 350 watts and torque of 22 Nm. In our observation, the three riding modes not only differ in terms of their speed limits, but their acceleration is also different. In Drive mode, we measure on average 3.4 seconds (average of 5 measurements) to get from 5 to 15 km/h (~3 - 9 mph), and in Sports mode 3.1 seconds on average. From 5 to 20 km/h (~3 - 12 mph), we measure 5.2 seconds in Sports mode, and it takes 7.7 seconds on average to reach the preset top speed of 25 km/h (~16 mph). Subjectively, the Eleglide e-scooter feels attractively zappy and agile in Sports mode, and after some time of getting used to it, you will probably only ride the scooter in this mode.

5-15 km/h (~3-9 mph) 5-20 km/h (~3-12 mph) 5-25 km/h (~3-16 mph)
Acceleration (Drive mode) 3.4 sec
Acceleration (Sports mode) 3.1 sec 5.2 sec 7.7 sec

Via the app, you can remove the limitation to a maximum of 25 km/h (~16 mph) and increase the top speed to 50(!) km/h (~31 mph). But be careful! Depending on your country, this could go against the laws for the operation of a scooter, and you will also increase the risk of dangerous situations, since the scooter is only designed to a limited sense for such high speeds. Your power consumption will also increase drastically, causing your range to disappear. In our test on a flat road on private land, we reached a maximum speed of 30 km/h (~19 mph). A higher speed is probably only possible downhill anyways. In idle, the motor can reach up to 38 km/h (~24 mph).

25 km/h (~16 mph): Top speed in Sports mode
25 km/h (~16 mph): Top speed in Sports mode
Not legal (in Germany) but possible: 30 km/h (~19 mph) top speed
Not legal (in Germany) but possible: 30 km/h (~19 mph) top speed
Eleglide Coozy leaves some rubber in our braking test
Eleglide Coozy leaves some rubber in our braking test

The scooter has a disc brake in the rear or drive wheel. During our tests, the Eleglide Coozy E-Scooter was also submitted to an extensive brake test. We activated the brakes on wet and dry roads (paved) from different speeds.
To come to a full stop from a speed of 15 km/h (~9 mph) takes 2.9 meters (~9.5 ft) on average (avg. of 5 test runs) on a dry road. From a speed of 20 km/h (~12 mph), it takes 5.1 meters (~16.7 ft), and if we slam on the brakes at the 25 km/h (~16 mph) top speed, the Eleglide Coozy comes to a full stop after 7.0 meters (~23 ft).
The changeable fall weather also allowed us to perform some brake tests on wet roads. At an average of 5.4 meters (~17.7 ft) from 20 to 0 km/h (~12 mph), and 7.9 meters (~25.9 ft) from 25 to 0 km/h (~16 mph), the stopping distances turned out longer, as expected. According to the data sheet, the Eleglide offers "E-ABS." However, in our brake tests, particularly on a wet road, we did not observe any noticeable impact of such a safety feature: the rear wheel blocked completely and always started slipping. But trained riders should still be able to control the behavior of the scooter in these situations, particularly since the unbraked front wheel doesn't lose contact to the ground. With the term "E-ABS," Elegilde might refer to the electronic braking of the drive.

15-0 km/h(~9-0 mph) 20-0 km/h(~12-0 mph) 25-0 km/h (~16-0 mph)
Stopping distance dry 2.9 m (~9.5 ft) 5.1 m (~16.7 ft) 7.0 m (~23 ft)
Stopping distance wet 5.4 m (~17.7 ft) 7.9 m (~25.9 ft)

After our tests with dozens of kilometers ridden, we also notice that the brakes tend to squeak and the effect of the electronic braking is very small. A "one pedal driving," i.e., braking solely by stopping to push the acceleration pedal as we know it from electric cars, is not a subject for e-scooters yet. The motors that are used here are probably much too small for this. Unfortunately, we were unable to clearly determine during our test whether or how much power is recuperated by the electronic brake (regenerative braking), for example when riding downhill for a longer distance. Even though the battery level showed an increase of several percentage points, this increase was immediately removed when we reached the bottom of the hill. 

Battery and Charging - A long range, in theory...

Test route: 20 km (12 miles) on a flat road
Test route: 20 km (12 miles) on a flat road

Eleglide lists a range of 50-55 km (~31-34 miles), but this should be seen as an absolute best-case scenario. These values specified by the manufacturer were determined under the following optimal conditions: "75 kg (~165 lb) load, 26 °C (79 °F) temperature, 15 km/h (~9 mph) constant speed on a flat road without any strong winds." Therefore, the actual range you can achieve should be correspondingly smaller.

Our test route of 20 kilometers (~12 miles) on a mainly flat road at an exterior temperature of around 20 degrees (68 °F) with a rider weight (incl. clothing) of around 65 kg (~143 lb) and speeds of up to 25 km/h (~16 mph) and a 20 km/h (~12 mph) average caused the battery capacity to drop from 100 to around 50%. So under these conditions, you might reach a total range of about 40 km (~25 miles), which corresponds to a theoretical consumption of 11.25 Wh per kilometer.
The remaining battery capacity is displayed on the integrated screen in form of 5 bars (full or flashing), which gives you steps of about 10%. The app on a connected smartphone can give you more exact information.

Another ride, this time under conditions that were significantly worse for the battery (outside temperature 10 °C, 50 °F), started at 1.5 bars (ca. 30%) and ended already after about 500 meters (1640 ft). The power decreased and the scooter would initially only run at a slow speed, before the rider was forced to get off completely. This means that the remaining range is hard to gauge in the lower third of the capacity and that the onboard display doesn't provide you with reliable data, particularly in disadvantageous, colder weather conditions. We recommend charging the scooter before you use it and keeping it parked in room temperature surroundings to prevent any bad surprises in the morning.

You can charge the Eleglide Coozy scooter using the included charger (42 V, 2 A). The battery capacity of 450 watthours in combination with an 84 watts of power of the charger would lead us to expect a charging time of around 5.5 hours. Eleglide mentions 7 hours, and we are able to confirm this value for a full recharge in our test.
Unfortunately, you cannot look at the integrated display with the battery level indicator during the recharging process. To see the display, you first have to unplug the charger. It is also impossible to connect to the app to read the current charging level. This makes it very difficult to charge it to a specific level, and in practice, you will probably have to recharge the battery back to 100% regularly, which might be less than optimal in terms of protecting the battery in the long run. 

Verdict - Eleglide Coozy with "weighty" advantages and disadvantages

Testing the Eleglide Coozy E-Scooter, test unit provided by
Testing the Eleglide Coozy E-Scooter, test unit provided by

After several weeks and a total route of almost 100 km (~62 miles), what impression remains? The Eleglide Coozy presents itself as a robust and quite comfortable vehicle for shorter and medium length distances. However, you shouldn't be fooled by the large air tires and front suspension and conclude that the scooter is particularly good for off-road riding. The Eleglide Coozy feels at home mainly on cleanly paved roads.
In this habitat, the electric scooter delivers acceleration values that make it fun to ride, and with the corresponding weather conditions and riding style, it can even reach distances of 40 kilometers (~25 miles) or more at times.

The Eleglide Coozy e-scooter is definitely fun to ride, but you should also know its weaknesses.

We slightly underestimated its high overall weight of around 19 kilograms (~42 lb). Even though you don't notice it negatively during the ride, the e-scooter also has to be recharged. And if you have to carry the scooter for several flights of stairs to get to an outlet, you need some strength to do this, even if the folding function facilitates the carrying. A full recharge takes around 7 hours, so you should definitely plan for it.

You also have to be careful in winter conditions, since low temperatures can reduce the range significantly and make the integrated display of the remaining battery level much more unreliable.

Attention: Note that each country has different rules for operating an electric scooter that may vary a lot. You should therefore inform yourself, before purchasing the scooter. (You can find the regulations for the German speaking countries here: AT, DE, CH)

Price and Availability

The Eleglide Coozy is available in Europe in the Geekmaxi online shop at its list price of 599.99 Euros (~$582). At the time of publishing this article, there is an additional rebate, resulting in a cost of 549.99 Euros (~$533) for the Eleglide Coozy.

Various e-bikes and e-scooters are also available from the Eleglide brand from online shops such as They are shipped from warehouses in the EU, so there are no additional costs (in European countries) and they can be shipped within a few days. 

For shipment to the US, the Eleglide scooter is available for example from for $584.

Note: The test unit was provided by the manufacturer to the author for test purposes at no cost.

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