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ArcadeDock gaming dock for Lenovo laptops

The ArcadeDock converts your Lenovo into a gaming machine – letting you relish the old-time gaming parlor feeling

There have been many crazy computer mods around the world, like the ToiletPC and the LovePC. Well now, the maker of the named devices has introduced yet another creation of his. Dean Liou now has, for gaming aficionados, created a gaming dock exclusively for Lenovo laptops. Coupled with your Lenovo, this dock turns into a gaming arcade machine.

The ArcadeDock features a flame paint job and has a full-featured joystick along with large control buttons. The laptop dock also has a cabinet that fits in a custom keyboard that has a touchpad. You pull out the control panel to reveal the dock to which the notebook can be connected. There is a cooling-pad that resides beneath the resting platform to keep the machine cool even after extended gaming sessions.

 As shown in the demo video, the dock comfortably houses an IdeaPad Y560 and connectivity to the keyboard and game controls is via a USB cable. As shown in the demo video, the controls are placed comfortably and work flawlessly.

This creation of Dean Liou is part of a competition by Lenovo too. So if you want to vote for the ArcadeDock, you can visit this page and do so.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2010-10-17 (Update: 2012-05-26)