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Acer says Third world still a market for netbooks

Acer believes the third world citizens can help them deal with the losses caused due to the dominance of the Apple over the market

Looking at the recent market status we can see that Apple’s products like the iPad and MacBook Air are dominating the market with majority of shares. But Acer believes that there is also a market somewhere remaining for the netbooks, may be China. This Monday the head of the company’s China operation said that the emerging market could help them recover the vanishing profits.

The netbooks might be an out dated device for the developed countries but there is still a hope in the third world citizens for whom they are good enough.

According to Acer vice president Scott Lin netbooks contributes only a limited profit and the emerging markets have a large demand for these devices which is consumed by Apple as reported by Digitimes. But, Acer leads the netbook market will 1.7 million units sold in the third quarter. Apple sold about 11.2 million iPads during the same time which is a lot more than the number of netbooks sold by Acer, Asustek and Samsung combined together.

This high demand of the iPads has led to loss of Acer from the netbooks in the second quarter. And over this status Acer Chairman J.T. Wang commented to investors as the consumers were just caught in tablet fever that would soon recede.

But the fact is if the netbook makers still think that they can survive the iPad storm, there is still another hiccup in their path known as the MacBook Air. This $999 notebook from Apple has also a lot of consumers who might have gone for a cheap device. It has increased Apple’s notebook sales from an 8 percent to 28 percent in just a month. Now it is on the air that the MacBook Air could see a steeper growth as they are thinking of reducing the price a bit for 15inch model for early 2012.

But as Intel has come up with their latest Ultrabook, and companies like Acer might get some relief from the market. Let’s see how the other companies deal with Apple in the market and will anybody be able to overtake it in the future and if so who have the potential? Only time will tell it all. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-12- 1 (Update: 2012-05-26)