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CheckMag | The Cybertruck is for drug dealers and real life Carmageddon enthusiasts

Being hit with a Cybertruck probably feels like being headbutted by this guy. (Source: Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash)
Being hit with a Cybertruck probably feels like being headbutted by this guy. (Source: Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash)
With the Cybertruck finally landing in consumers hands, the question remains as to who this product is aimed at. Does the Cybertruck have a place in the modern world or is it the fantasy of those who seek to dominate our crowded roads?
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When the Cybertruck was first announced in November 2019, Elon Musk himself described it as “pretty sci-fi” and “kinda like a Blade Runner truck”. Now that Cybertruck from 2019 is finally being delivered to early adopters.

At launch it was claimed that the stainless steel body of the truck could withstand .45 and 9mm rounds from a handgun. Statistically the average American has a greater risk of dying from heart disease or cancer than being shot. So unless you happen to regularly visit the wrong side of a firing range in your car, or work in a US school, the chances of needing a bullet proof truck are relatively low. If you are paranoid or work in the narcotics industry, this might be a feature you are looking for. For the average consumer, probably less so.

The Cybertruck has a number of different ride heights from “Entry” to “High”. At its lowest point it offers a height that makes it easy to get into, all the way up to “High” which gives a full 12 inches of clearance over the lowest setting. This will enable the Cybertruck to scale fairly rough terrain. However, unless Elon starts installing Tesla Superchargers into the Australian outback or the Canadian Rockies (which given the track record is probably quite likely), you’ll be limited to a 350 mile range.

It’s not like you can throw a spare can of gas in the back. However you can fill a third of the flat bed with a massive battery for an extra 130 miles of range. It seems that the stock Cybertruck is more intended for urban offroad and tackling potholes than any serious adventure touring. The fact that a rear wheel drive version is coming highlights that exploring the backcountry isn’t the Cybertruck’s defining feature. Just don’t go anywhere cold.

The Cybertruck is a polarising topic (Source: Tesla)
The Cybertruck is a polarising topic (Source: Tesla)

To go on sale, the Cybertruck has to meet each country's road safety regulations, some of which are more stringent than others. Which is probably why you won't see a Cybertruck in the EU any time soon. But that stainless steel 3mm thick body and front-end that looks like Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still, screams “get out of my way” and is sure going to give the occupants a one up over the average car you’re likely to plough into. A bit of crash resistance is a bonus given that the Autopilot feature of Tesla cars doesn’t have the best track record, but what about pedestrians? That angular body and unforgiving panelling will make a mess of someone who gets in between where it’s going and the front headlights. At least the bone fragments won’t scratch the paint work.

So the Cybertruck is a heavy, bulletproof, angular, minimalist, technology stuffed, electric vehicle that can’t go more than 340 miles from a charger unless you fill your flat bed with a massive battery. The cheaper version isn't designed for off-roading, but all models will win in a battle against a pedestrian or a family sedan. We don’t live in the world of Carmageddon (available on Amazon*), but if our cities start to genuinely need Cybertrucks it might be time to flee to the hills. (Or at least 341 miles from the nearest supercharger.)

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