Survey: Notebook and Smartphone Service and Support Satisfaction 2019

It's been around a year since we interviewed our readers for the first time about their experiences in terms of service and support for notebooks. This year, we want to invite you again to see if there has been any change with individual manufacturers. In addition, we are expanding the survey to include the smartphone product category. Your participation will help future buyers, so be sure to join!
J. Simon Leitner, Daniel R Deakin,

The risk of a poor purchase decision can be significantly reduced with a comprehensive search through our notebook and smartphone tests and FAQ articles. However, it's impossible to be completely immune from technical defects that occur after a purchase has been made. In this case, the service and support chain of a manufacturer is usually set in motion to help the customer have a functioning device returned to them as quickly as possible, which in our case either concerns a laptop or smartphone. However, this support service does not work equally well with all manufacturers, as we already observed in our first survey about a year ago.

With this new survey on service and support satisfaction we would like to take a look at possible changes to the results of last year's survey. Which manufacturers have improved in the eyes of our readers and which continue to lose confidence? In addition, we have included the category of smartphones and ask for your experiences here, too.

All those readers who have had some experience with manufacturer support or service over the last 12 months are invited to participate in our survey below. This includes having to use a telephone hotline in case of questions about commissioning a repair or reporting various malfunctions, as well as cases of a classic repair, whether that's by sending a device in (also pick-up or bring-in) or by using an on-site service.

The results will be analyzed and published at a later date for all to see. As always, participation is anonymous and no personal information will be collected.

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J. Simon Leitner, 2019-03-28 (Update: 2019-03-28)