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Survey: Laptop and Smartphone Service and Support Satisfaction 2022

For the fifth year in a row, we are asking our readers about their experiences with manufacturer service and support. How did you fare in the event of a defect in your laptop or smartphone? Your participation will help future buyers in their decision making, so be sure to participate!

We are starting the new year with our service survey again. Now your experiences in the case of a notebook or mobile phone repair in the past 12 months are in demand!

When looking for information about the quality of service from a specific manufacturer, you are usually dependent on the experience reported by other users. Objective, standardized tests are hardly feasible due to the differences in the end devices, and a large number of comparative test runs would be necessary in order to be able to exclude individual aberrations, because it is often precisely these cases that are then also found in numerous forums and social media and thus can distort the perception of a manufacturer's service quality.

Therefore, we use a survey in terms of service quality with the aim of obtaining the greatest possible amount of data generated by uniform questions and then making this available to all readers as part of a comprehensive evaluation. We also want to shed light on the performance of individual manufacturers. We are now conducting this survey for the fifth year in a row.

Once again, all those readers who have had experience with the support or service of one or more manufacturers within the past 12 months are invited to participate. This includes the use of a telephone hotline in case of questions about commissioning or various malfunctions, as well as a classic repair, either by sending in the device (also pick-up or bring-in) or by using an on-site service.

This survey will then be edited and the results will be published and made freely available on Notebookcheck. As usual, participation is anonymous and does not require registration!

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J. Simon Leitner, 2022-03- 8 (Update: 2022-05-17)