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Samsung to cease netbooks production in 2012

The production of 10inch device is to be ceased by the first quarter of 2012

The Korean Electronics giant Samsung, seems to have plans of discontinuing the Netbook computers which might have occurred because of the ultra-portable notebooks, or the Ultrabooks and even new age Tablets.

Earlier this week they have presumably sent an email to one of their partners notifying about the discontinuing of the 10.1inch device range. But instead of that they will be bringing more powerful 11.6inch and 12inch ultraportable laptops and also a range of ultrabooks in the later part of 2012.

However, this step does not claim Samsung shuts down its low cost personal computer business. The 10.1inch devices they mention might even be the 10.1inch tablets but the possibility is more for the netbooks. The Netbook PC’s with 7inch and 10inch screen and the low cost microprocessors have been positioned to be a line of inexpensive ultra-portable PC’s, although they were never used as traditional PC’s.

There are some disadvantages with these netbooks as they are too slow for the power demanding software or applications thus were ultimately turned down by professionals or multimedia interested end users. They were only offering internet browsing, communication and very simple tasks to some users.

Their popularity decreased when the media Tablets offering the same system but with a better interface and portability were released in the market.

Currently Samsung offers the Galaxy Tabs which also brings a lot more profit to the conglomerate than these Intel Atom powered Netbooks. We may also say that this decision was quite predictable and sooner or later they are to discontinue these devices.

Even the increasing market for the Tablets PC is affecting the netbook sales which have drastically reduced. But we can say they might even be found in the latter market only because of one reason and that is the Price factor. But we can also say that the age of the Netbooks might be over. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-11-28 (Update: 2012-05-26)