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Quake 3 Arena
The timedemo benchmark (Four.DM_68) resulted in 61,7 fps.

 Bench mark comparison

3DMark 01
2288 points 

3DMark 03
115 points 
PCMark 04
2155 points 

PCMark 05
1204 points

solid workmanship
magnesium case
Quake3 and PCMark bench mark comparison
bench mark comparison Quake3
bench mark comparison PCMark
Temperature measurement at the top side under load
Temperature measurement at the top side under load
Temperature measurement at the lower surface under load
Temperature measurement at the lower surface under load
view from above and below
view from above
view from below
lateral view
lateral view 1
lateral view 2

The point of view stability is good both in the vertical and in the horizontal range. Unfortunately the display hinges limit the vertical adjustment of the panel.


The 1.8" hard disk exhibits data transmission rates below average, but the access time is comparable with with larger models.

Also the Intel 855 GME shared memory grafics solution results in moderate performance due to the hardware. Nonetheless it can handle easy grafics applications.

The equipment of CPU and GPU is noticeably trimmed in favor of long battery usage.

HDTune hard disk diagram
HDTune hard disk diagram

Results of measurement with HDTune
The test of the transfer rates of the hard disk brought the following results:

Transfer rate minimum: 4.0 MB /seconds

Transfer rate maximum: 21.1 MB /seconds

Transfer rate average: 16.8 MB /seconds

Access time: 19.0 ms
Burst rate: 67.1 MB /seconds

CPU Usage: 3,2%

The course of the curve of the represented color curves showed an easy deviation of the red and blue curve. Subjectively the represented image seems very well.

Also the test of the creation of cloudy stains resulted extraordinarily well.

easily deviating color curves, usual rather warm color representation
easily deviating color curves, usual rather warm color representation
198,3 cd/m² 168,9 cd/m²
222,8 cd/m² 180,2 cd/m²
illumination of the screen


The Toshiba Libretto U100 is your reliable companion with journeys, fairs and conferences. The integrated security-tools save your confidential data in this small notebook.

Convincing is the high-quality workmanship and that very bright display, and in addition, the innumerable Toshiba software-tools facilitate a working with the notebook.

The run time of the battery could be more generous, since, viewing DVD, it is relatively scarcely limited with somewhat more than two hours.

The Toshiba Libretto U100 is suitably for all those, who are ready to spend much money for quality, and furthermore are equipped with eagle eyes...

duration time of the battery

We were eager to find out whether the duration time of battery stated by the manufacturer (up to 5 hours) would be affirmed in the test.

The BatteryEater reading test (showing and reading txt documents), under maximum achievement, max. Brightness and deactivated WLAN showed a run time of battery of 2h and 46 min.

Under full load (all attitudes max., WLAN activated) the Libretto U100 functioned 2h 23 min. With attached DVD dock in the low voltage mode "DVD" (brightness stage 7/8, CPU stage 3/8, WLAN deactivated) the run time lasted 2h and 7min. "Lord of the rings - part 1" could not be presented completely.

Responsible for the run times is the relatively small 3400 mAh seizing battery. Also the superlight display with up to 222,3 cd/m² needs energy, even if it is only 7.2" small and lit up by currentsaving LEDs.
Also the DVD dock needs energy if it is active (reading or copying DVDs (for instance 6W).

Current consumption
Min (mode 'long period of operation' WLAN off): 10.4 W

Idle (mode 'normal' WLAN on): 12.2 W

Idle (mode 'normal' WLAN on, + DVD dock active): 18.1 W

Max one (mode 'full performance' WLAN  on, + DVD dock, load): 23.3 W

point of view stability
standard color representation
view from the front


In the switched on condition with minimum to moderate requirements of performance the Toshiba Libretto U100 is nearly loudless. During increased performance and/or after particularly long running times the ventilator begins, which winds up fast to the maximum number of revolutions with approximately 44.4 dB.

Also the measured temperatures, particularly at the lower surface, indicate a significant heat development of this dwarf with up to 46,1°.

The Matshita DVD dock is with maximally measured 53.2 dB one of the loudest drive assemblies.

Measured volume
Environment: 31,0 dB
Idle, ventilator off: 31,0 (with HDD 31.3 dB)

Load, ventilator max: 44.4 dB 
Load, ventilator max, DVD drive assembly in action: 53.2 dB


The 7.2"mini TFT surprised with a bright, sharp picture and in addition with a resolution of 1280x768 dpi with a dimension of 15,3cm x 9,5cm - only with eagle eyes the letters are decipherable. The standard letter size of  the desktop-icons is a scarce millimeter high...
A solution for this problem is a larger resolution, or in addition the zoom  function, which changes between a resolution of 1280x768, 1024x768 and 800x600. However the representation is distorted.

The maximum brightness amounted to protruding 222.3 cd/m² in the test. The illumination was rather weak with 76.0 %. If one regulates the brightness back to level 6/8, then the brightness amounts to about 137.9 cd/m². At level 5/8 104.4 cd/m2;

Thus up to 1Watt current consumption can be saved (about 8%) with still sufficient brightness of the display. This increases the duration time of the battery.

Despite of the reflecting display, a working in fresh air with good lighting conditions is well possible, although with arising reflections.

input devices

The keyboard is precisely inserted in the chassis. However with especially firm pressure a tortion is to be noticed. Due to the small width of the entire laptop the keys are very small. With a dimension of 12x9mm the keys are not easily used with ten fingers.
The pressure feeling and also the noise of the keys are ok. Pleasing: The Cursor keys are arranged separately.

Who wants to work with the Toshiba Libretto U100 without mouse, should be acquainted with the usage of a trackpoint, since the notebook got no touchpad due to the small dimensions.  
The trackpoint and the pertinent keys respond well.

As safety extra the libretto offers also a finger print reader, with which the equipment can get secured against inadvertent users. In the test this proved as relatively user friendly with the pertinent Tool 'Omnipass'.

The regulation wheel for an uncomplicated adjustment of the volume is very useful.


The chassis is very compact and well processed. Remarkable tortions and gap dimensions could not be determined.
For a durable quality the material of the case is magnesium and a display frame of aluminum. All surfaces feel well and of high-quality.

The chassis is relative thick for its dimensions.

The 7.2" TFT display can be adjusted well, but the hinges limit the maximum opening angle. Catch hooks do not exist, the display is automatically tightened.

The pertinent DVD dock leaves a good and solid impression.
The Libretto U100 simply gets placed on the dock and fixed with 2 catches at the back. Then the notebook offers all qualities of a portable DVD Players.

Review Toshiba Libretto U100

With scarcely 1 kg in the format A5 the Toshiba Libretto U100 is positioned in a new section between subnotebooks and PDA's.
The Toshiba libretto U100 is the smallest notebook of our test series, which is characterised particularly by its outstanding equipment. In addition there are a finger print reader, a shockproof hard disk, WLAN b/g and Bluetooth. Supplementary there is a removable DVD dock with DVD-Multi drive assembly.

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Toshiba Libretto U100
input device
battery run time
game performance
application performance


weighted rating

* weighted rating subnotebook:
workmanship 8%, keyboard 10%, input device 10%, connectivity 4%, weight 16%, battery run time 12%, display 8%, game performance 2%, application performance 4%, temperature 8%, volume 8%, impression 10%

the 3400 mAh seizing battery could work somewhat longer
the 3400 mAh seizing battery could work somewhat longer
small however good quality: the keyboard of the libretto
small however good quality: the keyboard of the libretto
the Pentium M Ultra Low voltage with 1,2 Ghz engaged the Toshiba Libretto heavily
the Pentium M Ultra Low voltage with 1,2 Ghz engaged the Toshiba Libretto heavily
brilliant 7,2" display
brilliant 7,2" display
Libretto U100 in the format A5, however for instance 33 mm high
Libretto U100 in the format A5, however for instance 33 mm high

test impressions

high-quality materials: aluminum and magnesium
high-quality materials: aluminum and magnesium
... transforms the Libretto U100 very fast into a DVD Player
... transforms the Libretto U100 very fast into a DVD Player
Connections on the right side: 2x USB  2,0,  Rj-11 , RJ45, MicIn, Headout
Connections on the right side: 2x USB 2,0, Rj-11 , RJ45, MicIn, Headout
Rear: battery package
Rear: battery package
Left side: Mini VGA port, PCMCIA  II, DCin
Left side: Mini VGA port, PCMCIA II, DCin


frontal view - SD Cardreader, Firewire
frontal view - SD Cardreader, Firewire

The model tested by us is the  Toshiba Libretto U100. (PLU10E-00901XGR).

with that provided DVD dock...
with that provided DVD dock...
in the test: Toshiba Libretto U100
in the test: Toshiba Libretto U100

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  • workmanship
  • high quality materials
  • display
  • few emissions
  • dimensions



  • small keyboard

scope of delivery (data sheet)

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP pro

Processor : Intel Pentium M ULV 753 with 1.2GHz, 400MHz FSB, 2MB L2 Cache

Main board : Intel 855 GME 16-64 MB GDR VRam

Memory : 1 x 512Mb GDR up to 1GB

Display : 7.2"TruBrite TFT WXGA 1280x768 display Thin film transistor (active flat screen)

Hard disk : 60 GB non removable disk Toshiba MK 6006GAH

Sound card : sound max integrated digitally audio

LAN / WLAN : 10/100 Base-TX LAN, 802,11 b/g WLAN, int. V.90 56K modem, Bluetooth;

Connections : 2 x USB 2,0 haven, 1 x IEEE 1394 (Firewire) haven, 1 x Rj-45 socket for LAN , 1 x Rj-11 socket for modem, SD Card reader, mini RGB haven + adapter, 1x PCMCIA adapter type ii, MicIn, HeadOut;

Card reader : SD Card reader

DVD burner : external DVD dock Matshita Dvd RAM Uj-822s

Other: finger print reader, 3 years international warranty;

Akku: 3400 mAh

Dimensions: 210 x 165 x 33 mm, weight: 0.95 kg inclusive battery

Accessories: battery/power pack/driver CD, Recovery CD/manual/DVD dock/VGA adapter

J. Simon Leitner, 2006-03-13 (Update: 2013-01-15)