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Review IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60

There are different reasons to buy a Mercedes. Some of them are identical with arguments for a IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad. The concerned drivers and notebook users know what I mean. Tested is the IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60, quasi the e-class of the Lenovo product range.


The T series of the Thinkpad line is equipped with a durable magnesium chassis, which is characterised by an innovative, functional design. The sophisticated frame construction inside of the notebook guarantees a maximum of stiffness combined with a small weight.

The moreover the keyboard unit is conceived as a kind of tub, which collects liquids, which fall on the notebook surface, and diverts it purposefully through channels away. So damages of the motherboard and other hardware can be avoided.

See here, what things can be done with a Thinkpad:

According the appearance, the Thinkpad T60 remained almost invariably a IBM product - black in black without many design-flourish. The appearance is only shaped by intelligent details, as for instance especially durable metal hinges or in addition, the display in the "Clam Shell design".

"Clam Shell Design" means, that display and case interlink slightly when folding. So a penetration of foreign objects in gaps between keyboard and display surface is avoided.  On the one hand this protects the display and on the other hand it protects the keyboard against impurities such as dust and dirt particles.

The solid metal hinges ensure the precise and steady adjusting of the display and prevent any wobbling. From own experience I can state, that this functions also after scarcely 2 years perfectly, when opening and closing several times daily.

The three USB connections are well distributed (1x left side in front, 2x right side in the back). The remaining connections are predominantly on the left side of the case. The back is almost completely dominated by the battery except the AC adapter port.

The Thinkpad T60 is equipped with a double hook sealing system, which is typical for IBM and offers a safe coherence by far apart lying hooks.

A reason for criticism are the crunching noises in the left frontal area in front of the keyboard over the PCMCIA slot. Another negative aspect is, that the keyboard verge and the case surface in front of the keyboard, which are made of plastic, are not good adapted to the remaining parts of the Thinkpad regarding the colour.

Interfaces Front
Interfaces Right Side
Interfaces Left Side
Interfaces Back

Input Devices

An important reason for a decision for a Thinkpad are the outstanding input devices. Beside keyboard and touchpad the Thinkpad offers also a trackpoint.
With this small red point in the center of the keyboard the Thinkpad can be identified rapidly and it is the better "touchpad" after a difficult periode of habituation.

With a light pressure on the red rubber button (3 different designs - from sportily small to comfortably broadly are ready for the selection) the mouse pointer is pushed across the screen. The speed is regulated by the strength of the pressure.
Special advantage: an obvious movement with the fingers is not necessary, therefore faster and more precise movements are possible (still with some exercise).

The keyboard is characterised by a good pressure feeling and good noise ambience. Also the arrangement of the keys is arranged reasonable.

Advantage: both trackpoint and touchpad keys are finished like the regular numeric keys according the mechanics, and thereby offer the same pressure comfort.

Three auxiliary keys are offered for the regulation of the volume, for audio muting and a typical blue "ThinkVantage" - the former "Access IBM" key. This starts a graphic interface, which offers assistance and support for settings and configurations and access to ThinkVantage software tools at any time.

Briefly according the ThinkVantage tools: this concerns software, but also hardware mechanisms, which offer on the one hand more security and on the other hand a supplement of comfort for the user. This includes "Rescue&Recovery" - a software tool for data rescue, "Active Protection System" - recognizes vibrations and protects against data losses, "Access Connection" - recognizes completely automatically its network environment after a change of geographical position and configures the notebook automatically, "Client Security Solution" - a tool for the authentification of users and an integrated fingerprint sensor for the protection of your notebook against unauthorized access.

Everything together is in a package, which makes the life of users more pleasant and easier.



Our test sample was equipped with a mirror-free 14.1 inch 1024x768 TFT display. Despite a subjectively acceptable brightness and color representation at longer term particularly the low resolution does not make fun. Who really wants a good display, should therefore choose the 1400x1050 FlexView panel or the T60p with 1600x1200 FlexView display.

The brightness of the display was measured with maximally 140.4 cd/m² with an illuminating of excellent 88.7%.

126,7 cd/m² 139,8 cd/m² 124,8 cd/m²
124,6 cd/m² 140,4 cd/m² 117,8 cd/m²
132,4 cd/m² 129,8 cd/m² 132,9 cd/m²
Illumination of the Screen

With the test of the slope for creation of streaks by means of the Pixperan readability test level 5 was achieved. This is a result slightly below average.

Farbdiagramm des Thinkpad T60 14,1" Displays

The color representation diagram shows a usual deviation in particular of the blue color curve, thus a little bit warm image colour.

The stability of the viewing angles is sufficient horizontally and vertically, but does not leave very much tolerance with the choice of the optimal view position. Thus already a moderate deviation leads to strong clarifications or darkening of the represented image.

Stability of the Viewing Angles


The Thinkpad T60 is optimized for office applications. The performance data are an evidence for that. The Core Duo T2400 processor supplies plentiful computing power to handle with all requirements.

The Intel Graphics Media Accelerator GMA 950 graphic chip shows slightly better performance data than the GMA 900 solution. Nevertheless it is not recommend for graphics-intensive tasks.

Benchmark Comparison 3DMark05
Benchmark Comparison PCMark05
3DMark 2001SE Standard
6037 points
3DMark 03 Standard
1501 points
3DMark 05 Standard
558 points
3DMark 06 Score Unknown Setting
169 points
PCMark 04 Standard
4780 points
PCMark 05 Standard
2890 points
60 GB - 5400 rpm
Transfer Rate Minimum: 17.7 MB/s
Transfer Rate Maximum: 35.6 MB/s
Transfer Rate Average: 28.6 MB/s
Access Time: 17.2 ms
Burst Rate: 82.8 MB/s
CPU Usage: 2.2 %



The T60 became lukewarm in the test. Due to the magnesium case and a good air management were maximally 35,8°C measured at the bottom. The remaining case warmed up quite few to constant 30°C.

Temperatures at the Top
Temperatures at the Bottom


The Thinkpad T60 convinced with a pleasant fan management. In the normal operation the notebook reached maximally 33.3 dB. The number of revolutions changes very gently and is hardly to be noticed.

The 60 GB hard disk of the Thinkpad was clearly perceptible, but not disturbing. It rattled with quiet 32.4 dB.

The DVD drive assembly was not perceptible during playback, and was covered by the quietly running fan. However we noticed a somewhat slow data transfer when copying a CD/DVD on the hard disk.

Diagram of Noise Environment

Measured Volumes

Environment: 29,5 dB
Idle, fan off: 31,6 dB
Idle, fan off, +Hdd: 32,4 dB
Idle, fan level 1: 33,3 dB
Fan level 2: 34,0 dB
DVD max.: 32,4 dB


We could not determine any remarkable in the test of the loudspeakers. As usual the basses are missing.

Battery Runtime

Despite the small weight the T60 is equipped with a completely integrated battery of 5200 mAh capacity. This battery power combined with a perfect energy management brought excellent runtimes. However it has to be mentioned, that the maximum brightness is dimmed automatically in battery operation and the brightness can't be increased manually to the level of AC operation. If that should disturb you, you can change the respective settings (Thinkpad configuration).

Battery Eater Readers test - corresponds about the maximum runtime
(min. brightness, WLAN off, profile: max. batteries)
achieved battery runtime: 6h 10min

Battery Eater Classic test - corresponds about the minimum runtime
(all max., WLAN etc., profile: max. performance)
achieved battery runtime: 1h 33min

WLan operation
(brightness max., WLan on, profile: max. batt.)
achieved battery runtime: 2h 25min

DVD playback
(max. brightness, WLan off, profile: max. batt.)
achieved battery runtime: 2h 37min

Current consumption

Minimum (all off or at minimum): 14,1 Watts
Idle (max. brightness): 24,3 Watts
Maximum (full load inkl. WLAN): 42,7 Watts


Thinkpad T60

The T60 is excellent according workmanship and input devices . The display is ok, yet a more highly resolving panel or FlexView display should be selected. Anyhow, this is an investment, which is worth the money.

The performance data of the T60 are a problem, because the integrated video chip can't convince in 3D-applications. According graphic performance the T60p with ATI Mobility FireGL V5200 is much more interesting.

In the test criteria emissions and battery runtime the T60 is comfortable. It is pleasantly quiet and allows working for a long time without cables.

Even if they sail under Lenovo flag in the future, the Thinkpads remain "International Business Machines", also owing to an international warranty - if the traditions are continued as up to now.

Innovative, creative solutions as e.g. the Clam Shell principle and the complex case conception, combined with user-friendly software tools transform the Thinkpads to top working devices.

Particularly the factor reliability plays an important role. As standard there are 3 years of international warranty and, already confirmed by many independent tests, an 1A service and support system.

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Tested: The IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad T60



IBM Thinkpad T60 (Thinkpad T Series)
Intel Core Duo T2400 2 x 1.8 GHz (Intel Core Duo)
1024 MB 
, DDR2, PC2 5300, 2x512MB
14.10 inch 4:3, 1024 x 768 pixel, XGA TFT Display, glossy: no
Intel 945GM
60 GB - 5400 rpm, 60 GB 
, 5400 rpm, HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4246N: 60GB, 5400rpm
3x USB 2.0 Port, 1 x RJ-45 Buchse für LAN, 1 x RJ-11 Buchse für Modem, VGA out, 1x PCMCIA Adapter, Kensington Lock, MicIn, HeadOut, Docking/Port Replicator
height x width x depth (in mm): 31 x 329 x 268 ( = 1.22 x 12.95 x 10.55 in)
, 5200mAh Lithium-Ionen
Additional features
HDD: 60GB, 5400rpm, HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4246N, SoundMAX Hd Audio, DVD+/-RW Laufwerk HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4246N,
2.6 kg ( = 91.71 oz / 5.73 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)
2074 Euro


In addition to the conventional black outfit...
The fan reamains pleasantly quiet, even with high requirements.
The T60 consists of a fingerprint reader for the protection of your data.
The ThinkVantage key offers immediate support for all configuration affairs.
The T60 consists of a touchpad and a trackpoint
...allows experiments.
The super rigid magnesium chassis...
...promise a long operational periode.
...and the successful shell design...
Massive metal hinges...
...exist a lot of sophisticated details.
Excepcional good runtimes promises the 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery.


  • valuable materials
  • intelligent design
  • solid hinges
  • writer-friendly keyboard
  • trackpoint
  • ThinkVantage tools
  • few heating
  • low noise emissions
  • good battery runtimes
  • Contra

  • possible crunching noises
  • display with low resolution and stability of the viewing angles
  • crunching hard disk
  • mediocre interface equipment
  • Similar Laptops

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    IBM Thinkpad T60 - 08/31/2007
    Josef Simon Leitner

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