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OLPC tablet delayed to February

The One Laptop Per Child project might miss the CES 2011 deadline

The One Laptop Per Child group which was scheduled to bring out the first version of its new tablet at CES in January, will not be able to do so and the event is being seen as delayed by over a month and would thereby spill into February, precisely stating the delay would be of 45 days.

The One Laptop per Child group by means of its projects aims at bringing out affordable and durable computers for students in developing countries. Talking about this current project Negroponte stated that the group is determined to bring together the most durable materials for the making of the tablet. However there is still no clarity over what the screen would be made of, which could be either glass or plastic.

The current laptop is being called the XO Laptop and the company is also working on more projects for the future, one of them being another tablet called the OLPC XO-3 will not be debuting until 2012.

As for designing of the current tablet is being done in partnership with the Marvell group and thereby looks wise it will resemble the Marvell Moby reference design. The cost is being seen ambitiously as tagged somewhere around $75, although it may go higher than that.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2010-11-11 (Update: 2012-05-26)