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CeBIT 2011 | Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M sighted

On the Cebit 2011 the upcoming Geforce GTX 560M graphics card was announced in gaming laptops by MSI and Asus. We even had the opportunity to benchmark the card with the codename N12E-GS-A1 in an Asus G74SX pre-sample.

The technical data we could extract from the GeForce driver sound plausible. As the GTX 460M, the GTX 560M offers 192 shader cores with a higher clock rate. Interestingly, the Asus laptop was equipped only with 1GB GDDR5 and not the full 1.5 GB. Therefore, the memory interface was reduced from 192 Bit to 128 Bit and the performance gets a significant hit. Therefore, the card was only as fast as a current GeForce GTX 460M (13919 points in 3DMark06). Asus is stating that the laptop should score more than 10.000 points in 3DMark Vantage (including GPU PhysX we guess).

However, it is still unclear if the final version of the Asus G74SX 3D will also feature only 1GB GDDR5 and therefore a worse performance than expected.

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Klaus Hinum, 2011-02-28 (Update: 2013-06- 6)