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MeeGo ported into the Touchpad

HP TouchPad might have added one more operating system to its list as a video on YouTube shows booting of the TouchPad in MeeGo Linux

A few weeks ago we came across the news of shutting down the production of the HP TouchPad tablets. The last models were sold for about $99 when HP decided to reduce the price.

Although they have cancelled the production, they continue to push out the plug on support for the operating system. A developer’s team at CyanogenMod have already ported a version of Google Android to run on the tablet, which is a bit buggy and the users have been even loading the Ubuntu for months on their TouchPad.

So we can say that the users have seen a number of alternatives for their tabs. Now another alternative has entered the list of operating systems. A video posted on YouTube shows an HP TouchPad booting MeeGo Linux.

Well in this video nothing much is shown like whether it works well with the MeeGo, it simply shows the booting screen and nothing else. But if it actually works on the TouchPad it is really an interesting choice.

MeeGo is an open source Linux based software which was originally designed to run mostly netbooks, smartphones and tablets. However it is not in the streets any more but earlier it had the backing of Intel as well as Nokia. But later Nokia pulled out of the project.

This platform includes the touch friendly user interface and support applications. Though it does not provide a large set of applications but the software tends to run on top of other Linux operating systems like Fedora or Linpus. This means it can be capable of running native Linux applications.

So altogether this new platform for the TouchPad won’t prove to be a bad choice. Despite how it runs on the device is still quite unclear.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-11- 2 (Update: 2021-05-18)