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Los Angeles Unified School District launches Ed AI chatbot to answer student questions, plan learning activities, and track progress, and report grades and attendance

LAUSD launches Ed AI to monitor student progress while creating custom learning plans and updating parents of grades and progress. (Source: LAUSD)
LAUSD launches Ed AI to monitor student progress while creating custom learning plans and updating parents of grades and progress. (Source: LAUSD)
The Los Angeles Unified School District has launched Ed, an AI chatbot for students. The AI can answer questions, plan learning activities, track learning progress, and report current grades and attendance. The stated goal is to help improve student success by keeping families aware of student progress with timely alerts.

The Los Angeles Unified School District has launched Ed, an AI chatbot for over 420,000 students, to answer questions, plan AI-optimized learning activities, track learning progress, and report attendance and grades to the school district and families around-the-clock. The goal of the app is to improve student learning and communication between the student, family, and district.

Ed is custom developed by AllHere, and the company's chatbot technology has already been deployed at approximately 9,100 schools across 36 states. The app only utilizes locally stored information to respond to student questions, is ADA compliant, and can communicate in a hundred languages according to the LAUSD Ed FAQ.

Critically, student conversations, attendance and academic performance, and possibly personal information are sent to the LAUSD servers, where the data is analyzed by AI with moderators monitoring for conversations and situations that require escalated responses. However, the LAUSD has not said how it will monitor moderators who send inappropriate messages to students, nor how individual student information will be protected once analyzed by AI.

The technology also has not been extensively researched. The AllHere webpage on research does not link to published, peer-reviewed journal articles and most links are broken. The linked IES Report merely notes that attendence improves by approximately 1 to 8 percent when students are reminded by text messages with an academic improvement of less than 0.075 standard mean difference (i.e. nearly insignificant).

Hopefully, the Ed project won’t become another LAUSD boondoggle like its failed $1.3 billion project to give an iPad tablet to every student. Currently, the LAUSD spends more per K-12 student than other first world countriesyet students continue trailing on standardized tests. Cost reductions are possible if Ed becomes more effective, but the LAUSD states that the app will not replace teachers.

So while the LAUSD experiments with technology that has not undergone intensive research studies, why not pickup an abacus/soroban and a lesson book to help your children learn to do math better?

Los Angeles Unified Launches Ed, a Pioneering Learning Acceleration AI Platform to Improve Student Achievement (3-20-24)

Los Angeles, CA (March 20, 2024) – Los Angeles Unified has launched a first-of-its-kind learning acceleration platform named Ed, designed to provide students and families with an ecosystem of valuable resources and support for fast-tracking student achievement beyond the school day. Fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), this innovative digital platform creates personalized action plans uniquely tailored to each student. The official unveiling took place at the Edward R. Roybal Learning Center, bringing together students, families, educators and the community to immerse themselves in this groundbreaking platform. Ed is currently available to students and families at select schools and will be phased into the remainder of the District.

“We understand that one size fits none when it comes to education,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said. “This resource is a game changer. By leveraging the power of AI, we are creating a tool for all students that maximizes resources beyond the school day by individualizing their education and integrating information for accelerating learning at a level never before seen. Ed is accessible to students and families in multiple languages, shares information to support learning needs and helps students improve skills and pursue interests.”

“No matter your opinion about Artificial Intelligence, it’s here to stay and will be an important part of our future,” Board President Jackie Goldberg said. “So let’s harness its power to help our students plot their own course of action toward meeting their education and life goals.”

“Technology is evolving faster than ever and with the release of Artificial Intelligence, it is important for our district to adapt to these changes,” Board Vice President Scott M. Schmerelson said. “I am looking forward to seeing how this works with students, teachers and administrators. AI can be a valuable tool in the education space, or it can be a threat to education. We must ensure that this proves to be a good tool for the enrichment of student achievement.”

“The launch of Ed hopes to leverage technology to give our students additional tools to help accelerate classroom success, while also connecting educators, students and parents,” Board Member Dr. George J. McKenna III said.

“While there is no substitute for the human connection – particularly the personal guidance of our teachers – our students deserve 21st century tools that prepare them for future life endeavors by balancing the responsible use of technology with the joy of learning in many different ways,” Board Member Dr. Rocio Rivas said.

“I appreciate the District’s investment in innovative strategies to connect with students and to share information with families about how to support their children in school. I look forward to the iterative development of Ed to coherently support the work of school leaders, educators and in classrooms,” Board Member Nick Melvoin said.

“Los Angeles Unified is dedicated to leveraging every available resource to support student success, including cutting-edge technologies,” Board Member Kelly Gonez said. “We are excited to see the ways that this innovative platform will meet students and families where they are to accelerate student learning.”

“As the nation’s second-largest school district, it is vital that we leverage technology to enhance our communication with families to support increased student outcomes,” Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin said. “Ed will give us the opportunity to innovate utilizing AI, to improve the academic tools for student success and provide our families with valuable resources.”

Ed is designed to be an educational co-pilot, using AI to supplement the instruction and support provided by Los Angeles Unified educators and staff by analyzing district data, including grades, attendance and District offerings, and recommending resources, programs and at-home skill practice based on that analysis. The platform can safely, securely and proactively engage with students and families, offering reminders and prompts, including those for social-emotional well-being. Ed has undergone pilot testing with Los Angeles Unified students and families and has received positive feedback.

Key features include:

  • Interoperability: Streamlined, personalized access to resources and communication to accelerate learning in a single platform
  • Personalized and Engaging Learning Activities: Interactive learning paths based on student data that includes reading, math, computer science and other academic skill practice exercises to meet their individual needs or interests beyond the school day.
  • Targeted Alerts with Direct Guidance: Alerts provide clear direction on steps students and families can take to accelerate learning, removing the guesswork and simplifying how they navigate their educational experience.
  • Progress Monitoring: Updates on grades, attendance, graduation readiness and more to inform of a child’s academic performance.
  • Timely Support: Notifications about resources and support available to assist students in continuous improvement.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: The ability to communicate in dozens of languages ensures families can access resources in their preferred language.
  • Adaptive Intelligence: Ed is an intuitive and continuous learning platform that becomes smarter with each interaction, enhancing its ability to provide more tailored experiences.
  • High-Quality Content Support: Pre-approved content from major curriculum providers.

Los Angeles Unified, the second-largest district in the nation, is the first to systematically leverage AI, opening access to students, families and teachers. To analyze the risks and benefits of this technology, the District formed a task force consisting of technology experts, educators, families and students, and created policies and training for its school community. In addition, Los Angeles Unified has provided professional development for teachers to help students become thoughtful consumers and producers of content. Teachers also engage students in digital citizenship lessons throughout the year and other activities to promote the responsible use of technology, including AI.

Los Angeles Unified developed Ed through a public-private partnership with AllHere, a Harvard Innovation Labs venture and leading developer of AI-powered digital applications. AllHere’s award-winning solutions are built by educators and independently proven to positively impact stakeholder communication, family engagement and student success.

“AllHere is honored to partner with Los Angeles Unified to deliver on the Superintendent's vision of making ultra-personalized learning a reality for every student in this District,” Founder and CEO of AllHere Joanna Smith-Griffin said. “Looking at 2024 and beyond, we see a trajectory of growth for Ed that allows us to share our effective AI on an unprecedented scale and in unprecedented settings. This partnership with Los Angeles Unified, the second-largest school district in the country, is an important step in providing an industry-leading and whole-child approach to AI that students, families and schools trust and districts need.”

“Los Angeles Unified is at the forefront of making public education accessible, equitable and innovative by leveraging the capabilities and technology of AI,” Executive Director of ASU Learning Transformation Studios and Center EDGE Alan Arkatov said. “I look forward to the ways ASU can partner with Los Angeles Unified in transforming the possibilities of education.”

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For the most up-to-date information, please follow Los Angeles Unified on X/Twitter at @laschools and @lausdsup, Instagram at @laschools and @lausdsup and Facebook at @laschools and @AlbertoMCarvalho1.

About AllHere

AllHere is an award-winning developer of artificial intelligence solutions, including Ed, a next-generation learning acceleration platform. Founded in 2016 by a Harvard graduate and former teacher, AllHere is dedicated to creating opportunity-rich lives for every child in America by providing customized assistance to help students and their families navigate education. Supported by the Harvard Innovation Lab, AllHere’s solutions are trusted by over 9,100 schools across 36 states, supporting millions of students and families on their path to academic success.

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