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Is Sony working on two new VAIO ultraportables?

Sony Reportedly is working on two ultraportables with immense power

Sony, generally late to the notebook market, unveiled the S1 and S2 tablet PCs recently, but those may not be the only gadgets they are working on right now. There were sneak previews of two new machines during yesterday’s event which might have just confirmed likewise rumors being spread last since last month.

The first and most interesting one is apparently called Freestyle Hybrid PC, owing to its ability to act as both a netbook as well as a tablet device. This one is a sliding device that combines a keyboard with what appears to be a touchscreen interface. Now, although Sony did not reveal any specs during the event and rather decided to concentrate on its pair of tablets – if the rumor from last month is true, the Hybrid slider might sport a mighty Core i7, an SSD, HDMI 1.4, WiDi and a weight of just less than 2.5 pounds (equivalent to 1.3kg). The Radeon HD 6700M graphics card comes with an optional dock that will make the system a multimedia powerhouse. You also get a Blu-ray drive and all the connectivity options generally reserved for a full-fledged notebook.

The second is what has been codenamed the Ultimate Mobile PC, according to the March rumors. This one, as the name suggests, will be all cloud and run the Chrome OS. This 11.6” netbook is expected to run a Tegra 2 processor (quad-core might be available by then). The 1GB RAM would not take much load thanks to the all-cloud processes of the OS. There should be enough storage to keep your files off-line and the device won’t weigh more than 2.2 pounds or about a kilo.

There are no words on the pricing or release date of the systems but looking at the possible specs I’m sure you must be eagerly to know that. We sure are, but only future holds the answer.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-04-27 (Update: 2012-05-26)