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IFA 2016 | Lenovo: Convertible Yoga Book officially announced

"World's thinnest and most lightweight 2-in-1 tablet." That's what Lenovo has to say about the Yoga Book. (Bild: Lenovo)
"World's thinnest and most lightweight 2-in-1 tablet." That's what Lenovo has to say about the Yoga Book. (Bild: Lenovo)
Lenovo announced the 10.1 inch convertible Yoga Book at IFA today that ships with either Android or Windows 10.
Florian Wimmer,

Lenovo has set out to redefine the tablet segment. Powerful words that Lenovo tells the world about their latest product. But the Yoga Book really does have some innovative features: The 10.1 inch convertible that consist of two screens linked by a watchband hinge is less than one centimetre thin. Open it and the thinnest spot only measures around 4 millimetres. Yoga Book is built to match the mobility of a smartphone, says Lenovo.

The "Halo Keyboard" is more or less the second screen of the convertible. But there is now OS screen shown here, moreover you can use it as a graphics tablet or as a keyboard. This keyboard is virtual and shows up on the second screen when you need it. It learns from what you are typing and has built-in haptic feedback that can be used to reduce the rate of typing errors. This way "Halo keyboard" is supposed to feel almost like a physical keyboard.

The "Real Pen" comes with Yoga Book and works just like a usual digitizer. But, it also contains an ink tip that you can use to write on real paper. The "Real Pen" is based on technology by Wacom one of the big manufacturers of drawing tablets. It allows for writing and drawings to be digitized in real-time. You can use it on both screens: Using it on the second screen you will be able to see the full image, using it on the main screen will be more direct.

The Yoga Book comes equipped with either Android 6.0 or Windows 10. When choosing Android, you will get a special UI that resembles Windows with resizeable Apps and a task bar.

In terms of hardware there is an Intel Atom x5 processor, 64 GByte of mass storage and 4 GByte of RAM. The 10.1 inch screen has Full HD resolution and the sound system will be supported by Dolby Atmos.

A mixture of magnesium and alloy creates the chassis. The be able to distinguish between the different versions, there are different colours for the Windows and the Android devices: The Yoga Book with Android (from 499 Euros) comes in Gold or Gunmetal and the Windows version (from 599 Euros) comes in Carbon Black.

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Florian Wimmer, 2016-08-31 (Update: 2016-09- 1)