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Google Play is real, just not a tablet

Google releases the Google Play, which seems to be a complete destination for entertainment which contains Android Market, Books, Music and even movies

Google has recently rebranded its Android market and have also added some new features and renamed it as Google Play. This new version is a collection of Android Market, Books, and Music which is capable enough to compete with Apple’s iTunes.

It mainly categorizes its content under Movies, Music, Books and Applications, and Games. The company has also stated that Google Play will be available on any computer with a modern browser at It allows the users to browse and buy books, movies and music. Apart from buying one can also read books, on the Google Play web reader, listen to music on your computer or even watch movies online.

The user’s digital contents are all stored in the cloud so can access it from anywhere using a Google Account. The company also mentioned that they have created ways to experience music and books on other platforms such as the Google Book iOS app.

They also believe that Google Play is a complete destination for digital entertainment where one can enjoy and share favorite music, movies, books and applications on the web and on Android phones or tablet.

However for the time being these facilities are currently available in only US. In other places around the world some of the features are not yet supported as in Canada or the UK there is no support for music, while movies and music are not available in Australia. In the same way music or books are not available in Japan and doesn’t support anything else except the Android apps in the rest of the country.

Although it will take some time for Google Play to become popular and available over the users, but ultimately it will be a promising competitor to Apple’s iTunes. It also integrates the Google+ similar to Apple’s iTunes ping social network. Google has also added features to allow users to share a free listen to the songs they share. It also offers the streaming feature similar to iTunes Match, where it requires users to upload all their songs manually. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-03- 7 (Update: 2012-05-26)