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Google CEO envisions an Android for every pocket

Eric Schmidt says next year will be the year of Android devices as about 850,000 Android devices are activated each day

Eric Schmidt, Chairman Google, believes that 2012 will be the year of Android while he was speaking at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. He adds to his speech that about 850,000 Android handsets are activated each day.

He also believes that there will be an Android device in everybody’s pocket in the near future. By December last year Google had reported to be activated about 700,000 Android devices per day, which was earlier about 400,000 in May. He adds to his comments that at some point of time it is of course going to reach some saturation point. But by then the manufacturers will produce cheaper devices in an attempt to make a complete new market.

He also added that this year’s $400 phones will be next year’s $100 phone. Some are also working on Smartphones in $100 to $150 range. All these will lead to a huge market, most probably comprising the folks in the developing World. It will also include the users in US who previously balked at the $200 price tag on modern Smartphones, which does not even include the price of a two year data and voice contract.

And this is another reason why Google has brought Android to the market, a free cell phone operating system which has the capability to introduce the internet to millions of users, who would not use Google through a computer because they could not afford a computer.

So to bring Android everywhere was their main motive which seems to be quite successful according the large figures of users activating Android devices. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-03- 1 (Update: 2012-05-26)