Dell Precision M3800-9325


Dell Precision M3800-9325
Dell Precision M3800-9325 (Precision M3800 Series)
Graphics adapter
15.6 inch 16:9, 3840 x 2160 pixel, glossy: no
1.9 kg ( = 67.02 oz / 4.19 pounds) ( = 0 oz / 0 pounds)
2100 Euro



Average Score: 76.67% - good
Average of 3 scores (from 6 reviews)
price: 65%, performance: 75%, features: 85%, display: 90% mobility: 60%, workmanship: 85%, ergonomy: 85%, emissions: - %

Reviews for the Dell Precision M3800-9325

DELL Precision M3800
Source: Toptenreviews English
Good for processor- and graphics-intensive tasks, but its touchpad and display scaling issues are frustrating.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 03/16/2017
80% Dell Precision M3800 (2015) review
Source: Trusted Reviews English
Overall, though, the M3800 remains one of the best alternatives to a MacBook Pro, and makes for an excellent all-round powerful laptop for home and office use. It's just that the MacBook Pro itself remains the more tempting option thanks to its superior battery life, even if it is slightly more expensive.
Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: 09/14/2015
Rating: Total score: 80% price: 60% performance: 80% features: 80% display: 90% mobility: 60% workmanship: 90% ergonomy: 85%
80% Solid performance from Dell's thin and light workstation laptop, with superb build quality but poor battery life
Source: Tech Advisor English
The Precision M3800 is Dell’s take on the ‘Ultrabook’ portable workstation notebook. It’s made from a mixture of materials, and has an undersized battery in order to stay fashionably trim. In its favour, the quad-core processor and midrange pro-certified graphics chipset provide useful performance, and without too much histrionics from the cooling fans. This year’s model now has a UHD 4K display although this still serves to exaggerate problems in some Windows programs, while the overly reflective touchscreen facility results in a heavier panel with poorer viewing that drains the battery faster. For professional users even more so than with consumer laptops, we here question the real worth of a touchscreen on a laptop.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 06/09/2015
Rating: Total score: 80% price: 70% performance: 70% features: 90% workmanship: 80%
70% Dell Precision M3800 (2015)
Source: PC Mag English
Overall, this year's Dell Precision M3800 is an improvement over the previous iteration in terms of connectivity, price, and screen resolution. Its battery life is not as long as last year's M3800, but that's to be expected, given the higher-resolution screen of the new model. If you absolutely need the extra real estate of a 4K screen, and you're willing to keep the AC adapter handy, the new M3800 is a good pick.
Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: 05/20/2015
Rating: Total score: 70%
Dell Precision M3800
Source: Hot Hardware English
There's little room for error when building a mobile workstation, and for the most part, Dell got the important parts right, starting with the display. The Precision M3800 brings a 4K resolution display to the job site, offering plenty of on-screen real estate in a portable 15.6-inch package. It's a second generation IGZO panel with excellent viewing angles, and icing on the cake is touch functionality.
Single Review, online available, Long, Date: 05/20/2015

Foreign Reviews

Dell Precision M3800 4K vs MSI WS60 review: 2 kilo workstations
Source: Dutch NL→EN
Positive: Very attractive display; very good workmanship. Negative: Poor battery; mediocre performance.
Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: 05/31/2015


NVIDIA Quadro K1100M:

Workstation graphics card based on the GK107 Kepler architecture with 384 shaders and a 128-Bit wide memory bus.

Modern games should be playable with these graphics cards at low settings and resolutions. Casual gamers may be happy with these cards.

» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Graphics Cards and the corresponding Benchmark List.

Intel Core i7: The Intel Core i7 for laptops is based on the LG1156 Core i5/i7 CPU for desktops. The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.2 GHz (920XM). Therefore, the CPU can be as fast as high clocked dual-core CPUs (using single threaded applications) but still offer the advantage of 4 cores. Because of the large TDP of 45 W / 55 W, the CPU is only intended for large laptops.  

4712MQ: Haswell-based quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost support up to 3.3 GHz. Offers an integrated HD Graphics 4600 GPU and a dual channel DDR3 memory controller.» Further information can be found in our Comparison of Mobile Processsors.


15-16 inch is a standard display size for laptops and offers the biggest variety of products.

» To find out how fine a display is, see our DPI List.

1.9 kg:

This weight is typical for very big tablets, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a 11-13 inch display-diagonal.

Dell: Dell Inc. is a multinational technology corporation that develops, manufactures, sells, and supports personal computers and other computer-related products. Based in Texas, Dell employs more than 82,700 people worldwide (2009). In 2006, Dell purchased the computer hardware manufacturer Alienware. In most countries, the laptops are directly sold to consumers by Dell and each notebook custom-assembled according to a selection of options. In 2014, the global market share of Dell laptops was 12.3% and it is 14% in 2016.

76.67%: This rating is not convincing. The laptop is evaluated below average, this is not really a recommendation for purchase.

» Further information can be found in our Notebook Purchase Guide.


Devices from a different Manufacturer and/or with a different CPU

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