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Apple might switch Macbooks to ARM-based processors

This is just s rumor right now, but an interesting one to say the least

A rumor reported by SemiAccurate suggested that Apple might dump Intel from its Macbook lines, and instead switch to ARM-based processors. Although it is only a rumor right now, and sounds a little farfetched right now – you can never deny the possibilities looking at the recent demand of ARM-base devices, and the success of Apple’s own chip inside the iPad.

The rumor gains all the more importance because of its author. Charlie Demerjian has been writing about the chip industry, and his claims are looked up to with great respect.

If Apple decides to switch to ARM, it has various options for obtaining the chips. For a start, it can deploy its own chip like in the case of the iPad. Apple’s in-house chip is getting great reviews due to the high quality material used regardless of the price, and the end performance speaks out. But they can also buy chips from Samsung or can use the generic ARM core.

Moving to ARM means moving out from the x86 architecture, and any software and components supporting only that. Will the Macbooks stay heavy-duty then, because most of today’s power hungry software do not have a version for RISC architecture. And if the rumor turns out to be true, Apple seems to be planning to switch even its desktops to ARM-based processors. This will mean a major overhaul in terms of compatibility with other environments.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-05- 7 (Update: 2012-05-26)