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This category contains technical informations on laptop components. For example benchmark lists of mobile CPUs and GPU, gaming informations on laptop or performance evaluations of SSDs. Furthermore, general useful informations about notebooks / laptops can be found in various articles.



Laptop Processors (CPU)

 » Laptop Processor Comparison
    Overview and comparison of all laptop CPU series
    Links to detailed series pages like Core 2 Duo,
    Core i7, Pentium Dual Core, Turion X2

 » Benchmark list of laptop processors
    Sortable and searchable list of all laptop CPUs
    with benchmarks, features, and technical data

 » CPU performance for games
    How fast should the CPU be for computer games


Buyers Advice

 » Laptop buyers advise tool
    Get a list of potential laptops after answering
    a few simple questions (or use a weighting option)

 » Notebook Hardware Guide
    This guide tells you what hardware you should
    count on when buying a laptop.

 » Advices for buying a laptop
    Read this guide if you want to buy a laptop


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 » HDD / SSD Benchmark list
    HDTune read benchmarks for HDDs
    and SSDs from our laptop reviews

 » Our test criterias
    How do conduct our notebook reviews?

 » Our rating criterias
    How do we create our laptop review ratings

 » Notebook versus Desktop PCs
    What are the differences between laptops and

 » Save Power - Increase battery runtime
    Simple tips to increase the runtime of your laptop

 » Market shares of international PC manufacturer
    based on data of 2004

 » Upgrade your laptop
    Which laptop components can you upgrade

 » Where to find new drivers for you laptop


Laptop graphics card (GPU)

 » Comparison of laptop graphic cards
    Comparison of all mobile graphic cards
    with a classification of the performance.

 » Benchmark list of laptop graphic adapters
    Order- and searchable benchmark list of all known
    laptop graphic cards ordered by performance.

 » Gaming list of mobile GPUs
    Which game runs with my graphics card fluently?
    Or what GPU do I need to play games?
    Also see the archived version.

 » How much graphics memory do I need?
    How much dedicated GPU memory is needed
    for games.

 » Replacing or upgrading a graphics card in laptops
    Can I upgrade / replace my video card?

 » Upgrading the GPU in a Dell E1705 / 9400
    Illustrated guide on how to exchange
    the graphics card in the
    Inspiron E1705 notebook.

 » Professional graphic cards (Quadro, FireGL)
    What they are capable and who needs them.



 » Resolution of laptop displays / DPI list
    How small is the text on high resolution displays

 » Playing with widescreen displays

 » 2560x1440 (WQHD) and 2560x1600 (WQXGA) via HDMI
    How to enable ultra-high resolutions through HDMI

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