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iPad & iPhone Rumors on Manufacturers Continue

New claims that Foxconn has successfully defended its iPad territory from encroaching manufacturers. But what about the iPhone?

The week started off with rumors that Pegatron and Quanta, two other Taiwan-based manufacturers, were in talks to compete for a piece of the iPad manufacturing pie. Digitimes reported on Monday that Pegatron was the likely favorite, having supposedly already captured the lead order for the next iPhone iteration.

Today, Digitimes reported that their sources now say that Foxconn has successfully fended off this assault on its iPad orders. With iPad orders expected to continue increasing, this will be a significant win for Foxconn if it is true. More so if these orders are for a new SKU, that being the rumored iPad Pro or iPad HD, featuring a higher resolution screen than the iPad 2. The factory explosion earlier this year likely shook Apple's confidence in Foxconn's ability to perform, as well as significant personnel and labor issues in 2010. For the time being, however, Foxconn may have been able to regain Apple's trust.


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Jerry Myers, 2011-07-14 (Update: 2012-05-26)