ZAGGKeys brings you a bluetooth keyboard for iPad and Android

ZAGGKeys brings you a bluetooth keyboard for iPad and Android
ZAGGKeys brings you a bluetooth keyboard for iPad and Android
ZAGGKeys tries to put a few differentiation points in its latest gadget that might be able to help you with good compatibility and comfort

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ZAGG has a reputation of putting little things into good uses. Their latest gadget, a Bluetooth keyboard for tablets and smartphones, could be just one of those. Although it is primarily aimed at the iPad and iPhones, the Zagg Keys Solo keyboard will work on a few other tablets and mobiles as well (mainly Android-based), albeit with varied compatibility levels.

Finally Zagg managed to build up an external keyboard that’s compatible with multiple devices, while keeping the price at an affordable $69 – unlike their more expensive existing accessories.

We checked the keyboard out on their website and came back pretty impressed to say the least. The keyboard doubles as stand for compatible tablets, both in portrait and landscape modes. There could have been more support on the back though because now all the weight of the tablet is borne by the small depression just above the keys where you are supposed to insert the slate.

Key layout

The keys are laid out in island-style which became so popular in Macs and netbooks. It looks well-spaced out and comfortable. There are three shades – black keys on black backdrop, a white on white and the third and my personal favorite black keys on silver. When docked, the tablet stays leaned backward at a comfortable angle so that you can type with a better view and posture. There are shortcut keys to help you get to your favorite application quickly. There is a list of those on the official product page –

  • Home - Brings you to the iPad 2 home screen
  • Search - Brings up the iPad 2 search screen
  • Slideshow - Starts playing slideshow of saved pictures
  • Virtual keyboard - Allows you to hide or show iPad 2 on-screen keyboard
  • Lock - makes the iPad 2 screen go dark and come back when pressed again
  • International Keyboard - Toggles between international keyboards
  • Other function keys: Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo
  • Music function keys: Previous track, Play/Pause, Next track, Mute, Volume down, Volume up


The SOLO keyboard has a 510mAh rechargeable battery that the company promises will last several weeks.


The keyboard is compatible with a number of other devices apart from the iPad and iPhones. These mainly include Android-based tablets and smartphones like XOOM, G Tab, Galaxy S, HTC Flyer etc. with a varying degree of compatibility level. Check out the chart below –

Get the SOLO Bluetooth keyboard from ZAGG’s official site.


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