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Wisconsin library begins issuing iPads

iPads to be made available for $10 a day in a library with 1000 ebooks and 10 audio books

I suppose all of us have at least borrowed a book from a library, but technology has achieved such a level that iPads now will be available from the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Wisconsin. This library has begun a program to lend out iPads instead of printed books. This is the first program in the country and will allow patrons to check out first generation Apple tablets, each loaded with 1000 e-book titles, 10 audio books and various free applications.

Kindle Library lending feature of Amazon has already made it possible for those with Kindle readers to borrow e-books at thousands of libraries across the US. But, this Eau Claire, Wisc., library has gone step forward as they have also lend the latest technology tool for those without the money to spend on a tablet.

They have a plan to have 32 iPads available for checkout and six for library use in the next week. According to them they will allow the lenders to take the iPad to their home for seven days, and will have to sign a contract before they take them off the premises.

According to library director John Stoneberg they have a goal to introduce their customers with the new technology the customers haven’t used. He feels excited to lend out iPads, as he even feels it to be a challenge.

The borrowers will be allowed to take home an iPad with all those ebooks for less than $10 a day after signing the contract, though $25 dollars get charged if the iPad is tossed into a book drop. But, important point to be noted is that if you break the iPad the library will be charging you a sum of $1020 which, turns out, is much more than what a brand new 3G iPad will cost. So always take your pick knowing the possible consequences.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-09-26 (Update: 2012-05-26)