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Who in US offers most data per buck?

Sprint offers the best deal for the heavy data users according to a study by Validas

According to recent study Sprint offers the most value for money in Data usage by any network provider in the US. If you are really a heavy data user then Sprint should be the best option for you. It is really interesting to see that Sprint providing 12.5MB of data for only $1 which makes it a cost per megabyte as only 8cents. Sprint’s data Tariff rate differs a lot from the next in the list for data cost per megabyte.

AT&T provides about 5.6MB of data for a dollar or 1MB of data for 18cents, which can be listed as the next cheapest in the market.  Then comes Verizon providing 5MB per dollar or 20cents per megabyte of data. T-Mobile is offering the worst deal among all as it provides 4.3MB per dollar which is equal to 23cents per megabyte.

All the above data are based on a study carried out by Validas with the real world prices. Validas provides   automated wireless bill analysis and reduction services to consumers as well as companies. The study was conducted as how much a customer spent on a Smartphone data plan and how much of data was consumed at each carrier. The prime reason for which Sprint topped the list can be because more of its customers are on a high-speed 4G network: a faster connection means more data consumed. They offer attractive data rates and a completely unlimited plan, which lead to draw a lot of users.

Practically, Sprint does not actually offer the best prices on absolute prices. T-Mobile has been slashing its Smartphone plans as it seeks to win back customers. AT&T has been using the usage-based pricing systems since last year, which has a limit for free data usage and charges for usage exceeding over the limit. Verizon even switched to a similar model from July onwards.

Validas notes that the prices are high in all other connections except Sprint as the connection speed for wireless services is slow. Consumers would definitely use more data if they were able to. Well the other carriers are starting to catch up. Verizon Wireless has already deployed its faster 4G LTE network late last year and AT&T plans to launch its 4G LTE network in the coming weeks.

As long as Sprint is offering the unlimited plan going with their reasonable smartphone plan it can keep its position for the time being.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-09-10 (Update: 2012-05-26)