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Websites, which provide Laptop Reviews

This is a list of Websites in English, which provide substantial quantities of current reviews and tests concerning laptops.

Sources sorted by the quantity of reviews

Tech Advisor
Trusted Reviews
PC World (laptop-review-section)
CNet (laptop-review-section)
Laptop Mag (laptop-review-section)
PC Advisor (review-section)
Pocket Lint (homepage)
PC Mag
PC Pro (laptop-review-section)
IT Reviews (laptop-review-section)
Gear Digest (laptop-review-section)
Ars Technica (hardware-review-section)
Digital Trends (laptop-review-section)
Laptop Media

Sources with occasional reviews

PC Perspective (mobile-review-Section)
PC Plus (mobile-computing-review-Section)
Tech Central (computer-review-Section)
Hot Hardware (laptop-review-section)
HardwareZone (laptop-review-section)
Hardware Central (review-section)
Inside Hardware (laptop-review-section)
Community Notebook Reviews (homepage)
Reghardware (review-section)

Hardly any current reviews

Mobile Techreview (laptop-review-section)
Techzone (laptop-review-section)
Hexus (review-section) (system-review-section)
What Laptop (laptop-review-section)
TabletPC2 (review-section)
Tech Spot (review-section)
Tech Lounge (review-section)

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