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CES 2012 | Video: Acer Iconia Tab A510

We dive a bit deeper with the next mid-range tablet offering from Acer with this 10.1-inch Android

Alongside the 7-inch ZTE Tegra 3 tabletAcer was showcasing its own Tegra 3 tablet over at Nvidia’s booth as well. We were able to get a bit of time with the tablet today here at CES.

The Iconia Tab A510, like most tablets at CES, will be running ICS and have a slimmer overall profile than its predecessors. The new Android OS was running extremely smoothly on the tablet and feels rather complete in its current form. The demoed game Riptide was running at 60fps complete with real-time splash effects. In fact, an entire core of the Tegra 3 chipset has been dedicated to the in-game water effects.

In terms of specs, the 10.1-inch A510 is looking to run Tegra 3 at 1.3GHz with a 1280x800 resolution display. 

Unfortunately, a solid release date is still unknown, although the Nvidia representative claims it will be out to market “in the near future”.

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Allen Ngo, 2012-01-13 (Update: 2021-05-18)