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U-book dual screen laptop to appear in CES

A new laptop to be announced at the CES by NajmTek, which will feature a dual screen or we can say a multi-touch keyboard customizable by the users

NajmTek, a new laptop manufacturer plans to launch a dual-screen laptop, which will be called as the U-Book (Universal Book). They seem planned to announce the device in the CES.

Since this laptop will be replacing the traditional keyboard with a multi-touch screen, which will probably be similar to the Acer Iconia announced at CES last year.

According to NajmTek the touch screen of the U-Book’s keyboard has a clear benefit over the normal traditional keyboard as its users can easily switch between different languages. If someone is onto some business dealing with different languages then the U-Book will always be the best choice.

However for others who don’t deal with a lot other languages, this touch keyboard can also prove to be helpful because of its multi-function capabilities of the touch screen. This keyboard will feature a number of different keyboard layouts some of them will display special launch keys, a trackpad, calculator and more.

They have also promised an interesting feature as the user will be able to create and save their own custom keyboard layouts, changing key colors, short keys, button orders, and even key sizes. Apart from this entire new feature the U-book looks quite the same as the standard laptop.

The U-book will be running on either Intel Dual-core or a quad core processor and is also expected to be featuring an Nvidia Graphics card. It also seems to be having a 250GB or a 500GB HDD. However, the proper specification details are yet to be disclosed.

So for the proper details of the U-Book we need to wait for the CES, which is scheduled only a few days away. 


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2012-01- 4 (Update: 2012-05-26)