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Toshiba Tablet moniker possibly revealed; hints toward previously rumored "Antares" label

A product page for Toshiba’s unnamed tablet has surfaced on Newegg with a possible name and price

For one reason or another, Toshiba has been pretty elusive with the naming info about their latest venture into the tablet market. Up until now, the device has only been known as “The Toshiba Tablet” even though it has found its way onto various product pages. However, that appears to have changed as a product listing at reveals a bit more info about the tablet.

According to the list page, the Tegra 2-powered Toshiba tablet will be available in 3 versions, dubbed ANT-100, ANT-102, and ANT-104, with the only difference being hard drive space at 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB respectively.  Although “ANT” might not be much of a name for a hyped up tablet, keep in mind that this is probably just a short hand reference for the device.

While the names that appeared on Newegg might not be very flattering, they do remind us of something we previously heard. Back at the Mobile World Congress in February, we reported that upon playing around with the tablet, the folks at spotted the name “Antares” under the about section.  It wasn't much to go on at the time since the tablet was only a prototype; however, with the latest news we really have to wonder if it’s only a coincidence that ANT sounds extremely like a shorthand version of “Antares”.

While we still haven’t managed to confirm the tablet’s name 100%, we’re getting closer to the eventual truth. And as if providing another clue for the tablet’s name wasn’t enough, the latest product listing also gives us a glimpse at the pricing for the device. According to the page, the 8GB version of the tablet will begin at $450, while the 16GB version will be $500 and the 32GB version will sell for $580. Unfortunately, there is no mention about any possible release date and we’ll have to wait for more info.


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-04-16 (Update: 2012-05-26)