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Tablet virtual keyboard for visually impaired may be in development

Soon software may be available for the visually impaired, which will help them using the tablets

As the human race continues to step forward with the help of Science and Technologies, new devices have taken the place of the older ones. As we have seen that with the release of the tablets the life of many people has changed and many of them have also reported to have reduced the use of the desktop PC.

Now, in such a progressing society there are also some persons who are not blessed by all of their senses. Among them the visually impaired might be finding it hard to cope up with the fast changing society. Earlier for their use, Braille keyboard was launched which proved out to be of great help for them.

Since the world is bending slowly towards the Tablet's world from PC’s and Laptop’s, US researchers have come up with an innovative design thereby allowing the visually impaired people to use the touchscreen of a tablet.

Stanford’s Sohan Dharmaraja along with Adam Duran, an undergraduate from the New Mexico University and assistant professor Adrian Lew revealed this concept at the boffin’s X-Factor- style contest.

Although much of the working is not known, but what they reported says, this software creates a smart keyboard whenever the user places eight of his fingers on the touchscreen. The menu is supposed to be activated by shaking the device and regular touch gestures enable further interaction.

This technology will help empower the visually impaired during the regular course of their lives says Professor Lew. This will help them in their basic activities like taking notes in a classroom, or even taking down someone’s phone number while walking down the street.

Dharamaraja even added that as the current physical note takers are big and clunky and range from $3,000 to $6,000, but the tablets are available for only a fraction of this cost even providing many other services.

So we can say this software will really be help out the visually impaired.


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-10-18 (Update: 2012-05-26)