Solar-powered laptop shortlisted in Fujitsu design competition

Concept laptop powered by dual solar panels

Laptop manufacturers everywhere are working on ways to increase battery life, but the latest concept has a new take on things. Instead of creating a longer lasting battery or a less power hungry notebook, the designers behind the “Luce” laptop are working on creating a self-sufficient notebook.

A shortlisted entry in Fujitsu’s Lifebook design competition, the Luce Solar Powered PC draws its power from the sun via two solar panels; one placed on the lid of the notebook and the other found underneath a touch keyboard. Designed by Andrea Ponti, the device also would weigh just 1.85kg (4lbs) and is made from a clear polycarbonate material.

Of course, the design is just an idea at this moment but it does face certain difficulties. First off, the notebook would require outdoor usage to recharge and using a laptop in the sun requires a very bright and more power hungry screen. Furthermore, the eco-friendly design is meant to be a wireless concept, but the included battery likely won’t last long during evening usage without an AC adapter.

While the design does have its drawbacks, it obviously could be great for the environment and probably your wallet. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Fujitsu is planning on putting the model into production, but it would definitely be a welcome addition to the notebook market. It also should be noted that Apple has looked into a solar powered notebook in the past, but we have yet to see the fruit of their research.


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Omar Qudsi, 2011-06- 5 (Update: 2012-05-26)