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Siri clone now exists for Android

An Android Developer team developed a replica of iPhone 4S’s latest application ‘Siri’ in just eight hours

Android developers have once again proved that they are really capable of developing anything which has been provided in any other platform.

The Android development team called Dexetra has created a clone of Apple’s much praised Siri voice recognition assistance application. This application is provided with the latest iPhone 4S, which can be considered as one of the major selling points for the device.

Dexetra, the team, had taken it upon them to create an Android Alternative for this application and completed the application in only eight hours. The new Android application is called as the Iris who is just the backwards of Siri.

Dextera has reported in its blog as they suddenly got the urge to develop something similar for Android. As they have been working on NPL and Machine learning for over a year now, they believed that they could pull this off.

The application they created has a decent layout and design and added voice input, text-to-speech and a lot of heuristic humor.

While for the users it is to be noted that Iris is much in alpha, and requires “Voice Search” and “TTS Library” to be installed on the handset for Iris to work properly. One more important thing to be noted this application does not exactly works like Siri as it is developed in such a small time span.

This application will provide you the functionality of Siri and we can say that it only removes the plus point that iPhone 4S provide, regarding the Siri application over the Android devices.

The download link for the Iris:


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Pallab Jyotee Hazarika, 2011-10-24 (Update: 2012-05-26)